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Comes in convenient sizeable 3.5g pyramid tea bags for those days when you don't have time to make a pot of tea, but still, want to enjoy that same quality loose tea experience!

A refreshing, naturally caffeine-free infusion, very high in antioxidants and minerals. Produced on a single farm in the Southern Cape, Redbush tea as it is also known as a full flavour derived from our sun-dried extra-long-cut leaf. A vibrant red tea, with a distinctly naturally wholesome taste that is equally delicious with or without milk.

Grown only in the Cederberg mountains in the semi-desert Western Cape of South Africa, on the Wiedouw farm near Vanrhynsdorp which has been organic since 1997. Rooibos – Afrikaans for ‘red bush’ – is naturally green but gets its dark red colour and rich flavour from fermentation similar to that of black tea.


100% Organic long-cut Rooibos herbal tea from Wiedouw, Western Cape, South Africa.

The production process has remained virtually unchanged for over 300 years since first discovered by Swedish naturalist Carl Thunberg in 1772 and makes use of the natural hot and sunny climate, where the tea is entirely handpicked and cured (or dried) in the sun.

Tasting Notes

Distinctively wholesome, natural hints of sweet hazelnut and caramel malt. Can be reinfused two or more times because unlike regular black or green tea, Rooibos has no tannins.

Best enjoyed without adding anything to it but it is exceptionally versatile and equally delicious with milk, or honey - make stronger if you drink with milk. Try it as an iced-tea or use in baking, this is by far, the world's most versatile caffeine-free herbal tea.

Customer Reviews

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Great Taste

Amazing product. Highly recommend.

Wiedouw Organic Rooibos Tea Bags

Received promptly, well packaged.... Enjoying this smooth, flavoursome tea. Nicely presented in a smart lidded tin. Thank you!

As good as it gets. Fantastic!!

I've recently returned from an extended stay in and around S. Africa and I can't say that I've had a rooibos tea half as good as this. This being my first order, I was a little hesitant but this tea easily surpassed whatever expectations I had. In the cup, you can expect a myriad of deep mahogany red hues and an incredible aroma that reaches out to you, forewarning you, that you're about to embrace an upper echelon of tea.

As for the taste, there aren't enough words. It's complex, intriguing and has just the right amount of nuance that neither overwhelms nor under delivers. It's a perfect balance. There was even a moment when I got notes of walnut, dark fruits and a hint of vanilla. I had to recheck the ingredient list to see if something else had been added - there wasn't. 100% Pure Rooibos ... I was speechless.

I am not a tea connoisseur by any means, but in my opinion, this is how Rooibos is meant to taste. I've since converted a few close friends and family members who were practically born drinking Rooibos and I myself am looking forward to enjoying this one for many years to come.


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