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Swissgold - Coffee Mug Drip Filter

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  • This is possibly the best coffee mug filter we could find. Ideal for all single coffee cups - to use at home, on the go or in the office. Unlike some cheaper filters available online, the superfine silver plated high-grade filter screen will never lose its shape and saves on the cost of paper filters needed for Chemex or coffee filter dripper cones. It is made from 100% dishwasher safe food grade hard plastic.
    • 100% Made in Switzerland. Highest grade superfine filter foil technology patented by Swissgold
    • Allows the real flavour and aroma of the coffee to be released in a convenient mug
    • 100% Reusable with no need for paper filters. Environmentally friendly - more taste, no waste
    • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Guaranteed to last for years!

What is the cheapest to you now is likely to be the dearest to you in the end - John Ruskin (1819-1900) English art critic

Customer Reviews

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Had one before and gave it to my daughter, and am missing it!

Had one before and gave it to my daughter, and am missing it!


A replacement for a thirty year old fabric version bought in Munich. Hopefully this one should last a bit longer! It makes a perfect single cup of filter coffee, easy to empty and clean. What’s not to like?

Pleasantly Surprised

Having had a month off work and having cafetière coffee every morning, I cannot go back to instant coffee! So I was wandering how I can have fresh ground coffee when I’m at work gardening? I discovered this mug drip filter and thought I’d give it a go and I’m pleasantly surprised. Easy to use; just put your ground coffee in, sits nicely over your mug, add hot water and let it drip through. I was full of doubt watching the water go through too quickly, thinking “it’s not going to brew and have a nice taste”.......but it tasted fine. I love that there’s nothing to throw away (apart from compostable ground coffee) and it cleans easily in the dishwasher. I would definitely recommend this product if you’ve not got time or place to make cafetière/filter coffee.

pefect one cup tool

I was familiar with the filter for many years, before I ordered 3 new from Chateau Rouge. I use it in my office few times a day and very happy with the drink it deliver. I was looking for the same for my kids, but could not find any in USA. This site is the only place you can get the real Swiss Gold for the real price. Strongly recommended.


Excellent filter; much easier to clean than a cafetière. Makes it easy to make a fresh cup and I have one at home and now one at work.