Prince Earl Grey - Loose Leaf

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  • A quintessential English afternoon tea with a French 'vanilla twist'. Our unique blend is created from selected single estate handpicked Keemun, Darjeeling and Ceylon loose leaf tea leaves. This luxurious classic is delicately flavoured with Calabrian bergamot oil, wild meadow flowers and hand-cut Madagascan vanilla pods. Producing a light yet fragrant, and stylishly complex refreshing creamy brew.

  • 100% Organic: Black Teas (India, China, Sri Lanka), Italian bergamot oil, wildflowers, Madagascan vanilla pods. Only the best, pure natural ingredients used. No Natural or Artificial flavouring!

    Fragrant with sweet citrus with hints of smooth vanilla. Can be reinfused twice. Best appreciated black but equally delicious with milk - the creamy vanilla flavours come out.

Customer Reviews

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Superb Loose Leaf Tea

I’ve had a few of the CR teas and found them all superb and a far cry from national brands which are SO lacking in taste. I’m very pleased with them and will continue to drink them.

Lovely Tea

A fantastic blend of Earl Grey. I have been trying it black since I came across, but the other day I tried it with milk and it is unbelievable how the vanilla interacts with the milk for an amazing taste. Definitely recommend, and definitely try it black and with milk. Won't disappoint.

Prince of earl grey

Sehr guter Geschmack, empfehlenswert

This is really smooth and doesn't have the tang that some Earl Grey has... Simply put it is very ...

I really liked this version of Earl Grey and couldn't put my finger on why. I don't love Earl Grey, but do like it when I have had sufficient Ceylon/English Breakfast/Kenyan teas, but don't want coffee! This is really smooth and doesn't have the tang that some Earl Grey has so when I read the blend I was both not surprised but also surprised to see Vanilla. Not surprised because clearly the Vanilla has rounded out the flavour of the Bergamot, but surprised because I don't like my drinks (tea/coke/rum) flavoured with this spice. Usually it is overpowering. In this case it simply balanced the lemon Bergamot without tasting of vanilla. Hard to explain; you will just have to try it for yourself. Simply put it is very nice.

Thoroughly enjoying it!

Im a huge fan of Earl Grey to begin with, and I was certain that from Chateau Rouge it was going to be good. And was it ever. First off, it smells absolutely amazing. It is definitely one of the most perfumed teas I have ever come across, and I love it!