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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more general questions customers often ask us. If you need to know anything specific not mentioned, then please Contact Us so we can assist you to find what you need.

Loose Tea & Tea Bags

What most food companies don't tell you is, that to be considered organic you only need to have 95% of the product by weight or volume, made from purely organic ingredients. That means that brands can bring down the costs by replacing the most expensive or hard to obtain ingredients with non-organic options up to the 5% and still sell the product as organic.

For tea companies, this often means using 'natural' flavourings, which are still produced synthetically in a lab and are not really natural at all. We made the decision to sell only 100% natural ingredients, so that means when a product of ours is marked as organic, we use solely 100% organic ingredients.

This honestly, works out much more expensive and sometimes the product doesn't 'taste as strong' as customers are used to, but we can sleep soundly at night knowing we only make and sell a product we feel safe using ourselves. For example, pure organic bergamot oil used in our organic Earl Grey blends is 4-7x more expensive than cheaper non-organic oils and can be more than 10x more costly than bergamot flavouring.

We now use a biodegradable SOILON material for our organic tea bags. This is made from a unique cornstarch material that will naturally break down in only a few months. Unlike ordinary tea bags or some nylon varieties which can have all kinds of negative impacts on the environment.

How much loose leaf tea you use depends on the type of tea and the size of the cup. But on average, keeping it simple, we recommend 2-3g per serving (a heaped teaspoon) in a standard 220/250ml cup/mug. The stronger black teas have smaller leaves, while lighter green or oolong teas have larger leaves, which means you can end up with more or less tea per teaspoon.

Yes. You can use anything that has enough space for the tea leaves to infuse for 2-3 minutes and you can easily strain them off afterwards. A French press could be ideal or even a very fine kitchen sieve. There is honestly no reason to not being enjoying loose tea even if you don't have a proper teapot with infuser.

You can dispose of our organic tea bags any which way you like. But our biodegradable tea bags will degrade fastest if you put them in the compost. In compost, your tea bags will have deteriorated to nothingness in about a month; and in less favourable situations, like water, this could take 6 months - so is better to stick it in the compost heap or food recycling. You’ll go from a beautiful, luxurious silken-like tea bag to nothing but CO2 and water in only a few months. Which will do the planet earth massive favour in the process!

Coffee Beans

Milk can mask the flavours, so we always recommended you drink yours black. Having said that, our English Breakfast tea and Prince of Earl Grey (with vanilla pods), actually taste better with milk. And coffee is very personal depending if you like a cappuccino, latte or other with milk. 

Although you don't need to keep coffee in the fridge you can, but it will not extend the shelf life. It is always best to make coffee using freshly ground beans or coffee grounds - at room temperature. So if you did keep it in the fridge, we recommend you give it time to warm up slowly, back to normal room temperature before making your coffee.

A normal espresso serving size at a coffee shop is 7-10g of freshly ground coffee. This roughly equates to a large heaped tablespoon per person per serving, which we also recommend for all kinds of coffee makers.

Honey & Fruit Jam

No! Our honey is raw and unpasteurised honey, it is only 100% pure and natural. Our jars are filled on the farm with honey straight from the beehives by our beekeepers, and we do not heat the honey at all during production.

You will have noticed tiny particles in our honey, and it may not appear 100% clear? That's good and normal we only course filter it to remove large visible particles, it is never pasteurised (or heat-treated) so should still have little particles in - that's completely normal and a sign that you have quality honey.

All raw/unprocessed honey will eventually set naturally depending on what plants and flowers the bees have been collecting nectar from, and this process is called granulation. For instance, Spring honey, granulates quite quickly due to the high glucose content, whereas honey produced in the summer generally tends to stay runny for a lot longer.

Hot Chocolate

We like our hot chocolate very rich. Generally, we recommend 4-5 teaspoons in 250ml warm milk or milk substitute. More or less depending on if you used skimmed or full-cream and how chocolatey you like it.


Tea can last up to 3 years sealed in the original container - it will actually never go bad but over time will just taste much less fresh. Some teas actually age better than others and like wine can be kept for years.

Coffee beans have a 2 years shelf life as beans stored in the original packaging and 1-year ground. Although it can lose some of its freshness within a few days of grinding. So if you have roasted coffee beans, we recommend you grind these as you need them.

Hot chocolate has a 2-year shelf life and if best kept sealed in the original container. Fruit jam can safely be stored for up to 3 years, but once opened needs to be kept in the fridge and used within a few weeks. It contains no preservatives at all. Honey technically will never expire, although we are required by law to label it like 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Keep in a cool dry place, sealed in the original container. Some organic brands use salt, sugar or lemon as the main way to preserve their foods without having to use artificial preservatives and additives. Generally the more natural a product the quicker it will go off. It is always best to read the labels.

All our teas are blended and packed in England using directly imported ingredients. The same for our hot chocolates which are also made in the UK. Our jams are made in Corsica France, using 100% locally grown organic ingredients. Our jars of honey are produced and packed in England on the farm. Our coffees are roasted and packed in Italy, again using imported green coffee beans from various countries.

Most of our products are purely organic and are certified GM-Free also Gluten-Free - unless explicitly otherwise stated. Please, however, contact us if you are unsure or have any other specific dietary requirements so we can confirm this for you.

Delivery & Returns

Standard delivery in the UK takes typically 2-3 days depending on where you live, time of the year and existential factors like the weather. Next day or courier delivery is available. EU and delivery to the United States/Canada can take between 3-10 working days. Faster and tracked shipping is available. Please contact us if any specific questions regarding your order.

We stand by every product we sell and want happy customers. While we know not everyone will like everything (we don't either!), if you're not entirely happy with any item you've bought from us, we will gladly refund your order (less shipping) or send you a replacement at no cost to you!