English Meadows Raw Honey

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  • A lively multi-floral English raw honey from the varied wildflower meadows, gardens and farmlands of the Cheshire countryside in northern England. Produced only in small batches by expert beekeepers on the farm our honey is especially coarse filtered, never pasteurised and straight from the hive ensuring you get the most delicious, freshest and nutritious honey possible, just as nature intended!

  • 100% Pure raw unpasteurised English honey (250g glass jar). Made and bottled in small batches on the farm by our beekeeper in Northern-England.

    Delicate, smooth finish with hints of dandelion, lime and blackberry.

    Store at room temperature. Raw honey may naturally crystallise over time - this is normal and a sign of a 100% pure honey. That's a good thing! To make it runny again, all you need to do is remove the lid and warm up the jar slowly in a pot on the stove with some water. Place the glass jar sitting in the bowl making sure no water touches the honey - getting water in the honey will ruin it and never try to warm it up in the microwave!

    Raw honey is not suitable for children under the age of 12 months as there is a small risk that it can contain spores of botulinum bacterium which could cause infant botulism. This is honestly a very small risk, but none the less we don't recommend taking the chance!

  • Our Beekeeper is very passionate about honey, and as a member of the UK Beekeepers Association is a man on a mission. We thought we would share some of our learnings from him...

    As you know, our honey is only 100% pure and natural - our jars are filled on the farm with honey straight from the beehives. You should have noticed tiny particles in the honey and it may not appear 100% clear? That's good and normal we only course filter it to remove large visible particles, it is never pasteurised (or heat-treated) so should still have little particles in - that's normal!

    All raw/unprocessed honey will eventually set naturally depending on what plants and flowers the bees have been collecting nectar from, and this process is called granulation. For instance, Spring honey, granulates quite quickly due to the high glucose content, whereas honey produced in the summer tends to stay runny for a lot longer.

Customer Reviews

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Good honey

Nice honey thanks guys, it beats buying the only raw honey I can find in sainsburys for like £18, although that was good too. But this just as good and way cheaper.

Nice packaging and presentation too.

Delicious Honey from Cheshire

This honey from Cheshire has the most beautiful taste, and all the more so because it comes from my home county which, by the way, is in the north west of England. Goes so well with toast. Thank you CR for sourcing it. Packaging is great.

English Meadows Honey

The best honey I have ever tasted

Meadow Honey

Lovely and clear fresh and sweet best honey I’ve tasted

English Meadows Honey - delicacy :-)

For me and my kids a delicacy. Your granddaughter says: please, once again, pour the sandwich!
- Beautiful smell
- Fine taste
- Not too sweet
- Is well painted.
Yum Yum! :-)


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