Midsummer Dream - Fruit Tea Bags

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A refreshing medley of fresh, dried summer fruits, rosehip and fragrant hibiscus blossoms. Our 100% natural organic fruit blend is inspired by the refreshing summer flavours of northern Europe. Delicious as an after-dinner digestive, après-ski winter warmer or enjoy cold on ice with fresh fruit. Serve as is or sweeten as desired.

3.5g Tea bags with Loose Dried Fruit Pieces - NO ADDED FLAVOURS

  • 100% Organic Ingredients - Dried Apple, Rose Hip, Hibiscus, Mango, Redcurrant and Orange Peels. Nothing else added - that's it!

    Best enjoyed black and infused longer than standard herbal teas. Our extra-large tea bags have a generous portion of loose tea so they can be infused twice. Add a little sugar, honey or even apple juice to sweeten if desired. Try iced with a dash of lemon or fresh slices of orange.

  • I first fell in love with fruit teas while backpacking through Europe and having my first cup in the Austrian Alps in 1998. It was delicious, fresh and tasted pure and natural. Today, however, most fruit teas available seem to all have some added 'natural' flavouring, containing only a small amount of real fruit.

    You end up tasting the flavouring and not the actual fruits in the drink at all. We decided to create something different, a 100% fruit only tea with no added flavours whatsoever; that you could dress up or sweeten if you desired anyway you liked it or as with rooibos or honeybush teas, drink it as is, use it in iced teas or even baking.

    But always just keep it simple: only the best and freshest high-quality ingredients blended just in the right combination, that's it! - Seán Farrell, Founder CR

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Trying to love the fruit teas

I have 2 fruit teas from CR I've been trying. This Midsummer Dream has a really excellent fruity aroma. I would love it if I could brew it well enough to compare how wonderful it smells but I struggle. I agree that I'd have to either double the amount of tea bags for a large cup of hot tea or reduce the water. I think that is great advice for fruit teas. Another option that really works for me - I take a large bottle of cold water to work. I've started dropping two tea bags into the water bottle in my fridge overnight for a great refreshing drink all day. I just leave the tea bags in the bottle until I'm done for the day. I might be inclined to warm brew this tea bag with another complimentary herbal or other tea that could use some fruity flavoring. I do enjoy it though.

Subtle and Light

Really nice fruit tea. The taste is very subtle and nice. I leave it to brew for more than the recommended 4 minutes though. Also tried it with less water (half a mug) which makes the taste stronger if this is your preference. Recommended.