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  • A traditional English breakfast tea that is smooth, full-bodied and particularly refreshing savoured at any time of the day. This Great Taste Award-winning blend took us over two years to perfect as we wanted to create the best breakfast tea we could possibly make and eventually settled on this Blend No.27 - crafted using an organic Assam tea base mixing a large leaf Ceylon and most delicate Rwandan tea.

  • 100% Organic Loose Leaf Black Teas (India, Sri Lanka and Rwanda). Blended in small batches by us in England, ensuring that you always have the freshest (and tastiest) teas possible!

    Smooth-flavour with a rich structure and finishing flavours of malt. Make sure not to over-infuse the first infusion. Will make at least 2 good cups from the same tea leaves, and if you prefer a stronger 'English' cup with milk, then use more tea rather than infusing it for longer.

  • We took over a year to come up with this blend. The idea originally came from wanting to create a whole leaf breakfast tea that was strong enough to please most die-hard tea drinkers. So we sourced the best premium FTGFOP grades Assam and Ceylon teas and added a Rwandan tea to give it that extra 'woody' flavour.

    We're absolutely delighted that it has now been awarded numerous awards over the last few years and continues to be our best selling organic black tea by far.

Great Taste Awards Gold 2018, 2015 and Voted Best Organic Drink Finalist 2017.

Customer Reviews

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Good flavour but too light for a breakfast tea

Good Tea

A great blend of tea, served in a teapot at breakfast means all the family can enjoy a refreshing start to the day.

As other reviews have said, this loose leaf tea has larger leaves, so with the right strainer, there are practically no remnants at the bottom of your cup.

IMO, better than other specialist brands.

A real find - proper large leaf black tea!

I’ve been looking for good large leaf black tea for ages, sampling every brand I could find. This is undoubtedly the best I’ve found by far. So many supermarket ‘loose teas’ are small leaf and dusty, other specialist suppliers are better, but don’t beat this one. Thank you Sean!

great tea.

Lovely tea, very refreshing and excellent service.

The Best!

This is by far the best English Breakfast blend I have ever had the pleasure to drink!


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