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Discover our range of artisan-made fine foods: 100% organic teas, real Italian speciality coffee beans, luxury hot chocolates, raw English honey and French pure fruit jams. Perfect as gifts for food lovers or a delicious everyday gourmet indulgence. More...

  • Shopping for a fine food gift or even just looking for a new quality food brand can be fun and need not be stressful. Here are some more tips to make sure you always get the best…

  • Our food gift buying tips:

    If you are looking for something new a different for a friend, colleague or any family member, but really not sure what to get them. We suggest you look at some beautifully packaged gourmet foods.

    Think chocolates, coffee, organic loose-leaf teas, preserves, jams or even some nicely packed homemade biscuits. Everyone loves food, and you can never go wrong with a food present for food lovers.

    When looking for a brand to buy your beautiful gourmet foods gift selection, we suggest you look for an artisan or small family-run brand. It may not have the 'large brand name appeal', but you usually get much better service and attention to detail that you do at some of the larger stores or wide selection available online or from Amazon.

    There are so many gourmet foods gift basket ideas to choose from that it can often be confusing and a case of too much choice! After all, you just want a quality product, from a reliable brand that says 'thank you, I love you and thought of you when I bought this'.

    We suggest you just keep it simple, focus on quality above all else and lovely presentation. Once you are sure of that, then you can look at quirkier products like themed chocolates, e.g. gold balls for a golf fanatic or chocolate fish for a fisherman etc.

  • While it can be confusing, especially when shopping online from different countries, broadly the definitions for luxury food gifts are:

    Gourmet - is associated with the culinary arts of fine foods or haute cuisine, which is described by refined, elaborate preparations and presentations of aesthetically harmonious meals of several contrasting, often quite rich courses. When shopping for speciality foods, 'gourmet' includes all kinds of high-quality foods. Invariably fine foods and gourmet are used interchangeably and normally 'fine foods' is more English while 'gourmet' is more international and widely used in Europe and America.

    Fine foods - Is a mid-18th-century term meaning high quality, luxury or gourmet food. Basically, all food that is appreciated by those of sophisticated or refined tastes, or if you are reading this then that is someone just like you!

    Whole foods or wholefood - means all food that has been processed as little as possible is 100% natural, unrefined, seasonally fresh and is free from all additives or other artificial substances.

    How do I ensure I buy the best gourmet foods for gifts?

    1) Buy fresh, in-season or from brand names that seem to have a regular stock turnover.

    2) Always look at best before dates as an indication of when it was produced. All teas and jams usually are 3 years, while chocolates, coffee and honey are 2 years.

    3) When looking for the best foodie gifts for Christmas or Valentines, why not make your own gift set. You will find you can save some money and are then able to personalise it that bit more!

    4) Don't want to buy a physical food product but still, need a gift for a food lover? Then we suggest you consider gift experiences. Think special tasting events or 'how to' days out, like how to make the best cocktails, how to make luxury chocolates, bread or pastry courses...

    5) When searching for ideas for the best Christmas gifts for him, your dad, husband or boyfriend. You can consider whisky, wine or a craft beer gift set together with gourmet coffee, chocolate or teas.

  • Where to buy gourmet coffee online?

    While buying coffee roasted local and fresh, can seem like you are buying the best. Consider: where did they source the coffee beans from, what grades are the beans, what is their expertise at roasting? This can be even more important to consider if you want to buy a coffee gift set for a coffee lover or snob who is obsessed with drinking only the best or rarest brews.

    For example, Chateau Rouge gourmet coffees beans are sourced directly from the producers in Africa, Central and South America. We pay above-market prices and work alongside growers to ensure they get the best quality crops every year and consistently work to improve processes, become for environmentally sustainable and improve yields each season.

    All our coffee is roasted fresh in Tuscany, Italy by a multi-award winning 'real Italian' qualified Master Roaster. Each of our coffee beans is slow roasted individually before being blended; this ensures that the complex flavours are preserved from each separate bean, and our coffees have the multi-layered smooth finish we have become recognised for and have been awarded Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods UK.

    We believe, coffee is a symphony of flavours that needs a master composer - it's not as simple as just roasting green coffee beans and then selling these a 'local and fresh' - it takes years of training and experience (plus the best grades of beans!).