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Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK_Organic gourmet blackberry fruit jam tart recipe

Make traditional blackberry - Individual fruit jam tarts

December 12, 2017

Bring back your best childhood 'gourmet food memories' in the kitchen – these indulgent 100% organic fruit spreads desserts take it to an extra level, with a traditional crumbly, buttery shortcrust pastry. Enjoy these blackberry jam tarts on their own or for an even more indulgent treat, serve with a scoop of creamy mascarpone cheese and a pot of tea.
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Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK_Perfect organic almond Biscotti recipe

Your coffee break treat: 'Real Italian' Cappuccino Almond Biscotti

December 04, 2017

Try these firm, crisp Italian biscotti are the perfect choice of treats to accompany your daily Italian espresso or cappuccino. Twice baked to give them their characteristic crunchy, firm texture, these are best enjoyed when dipped into your coffee to soften up into a tender, melt in the mouth delight.
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Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK_Perfect teatime treat: Honey Polenta Gluten-free cake

Perfect teatime treat: Honey Polenta Cake [Gluten-free]

November 26, 2017

Moist, crumbly and just the perfect touch of sweetness, this delicious polenta cake is an ideal tea-time treat when entertaining guests, or when you simply want a slice of something special. Almond flour and polenta gives this cake a soft and satisfying texture, while the rich taste of honey adds a fragrant depth. Serve with honey-sweetened hot tea for a wonderful afternoon indulgence!

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Our best 70% dark chocolate cake recipe by Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK using 1657 hot chocolate tin

The best dark chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted

October 29, 2017

There’s nothing quite like a moist, fluffy and intensely chocolate cake as an instant mood lifter. Whether you’re searching for a crowd-pleasing dessert for your dinner party guests, celebrating a special occasion – or just enjoying a mouth-watering chocolate feast (because honestly, who really needs an excuse for any homemade cake?).
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Chateau Rouge Fine Gourmet Foods UK_Easy bake luxury cookies and biscuits recipes for all ages and for afternoon tea

Easy bake luxury butter cookie recipes

August 23, 2017

We all love cookies! While cupcakes have made the headlines the last years as trendy (following the popularisation by American sitcom: Sex in the City), the simple homemade butter cookie deserves equal recognition. Not only are cookies easy to make but they can be dressed up in countless ways for any occasion and for all ages. Children love baking, so it's always fun if you stuck at home 'bored' with nothing to do, with only a few essential ingredients needed. And perfect with afternoon tea!
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How to make perfect black, green or rooibos iced teas with Chateau Rouge teas London UK

History of Iced Tea and How to make the perfect iced tea from scratch

July 10, 2017

Most tea historians, rightly or wrongly, attribute the “invention” of ice tea to the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis when iced tea was popularised and commercialised. The summer of 1904 was a particularly hot one and drove many fair goers to shun hot drinks in favour of colder beverages, including a new cold loose leaf tea drink. But was ice tea only “invented” in the early twentieth century?
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Chateau Rouge Fine Foods_Perfect Quick & Easy Scones Recipe for Afternoon Tea

Perfect Quick & Easy Scones Recipe for Afternoon Tea

June 24, 2017 1 Comment

If you are honestly looking for something quick and easy for an afternoon tea treat, you need to look no further than with proper English scones. Traditionally scone recipes are handed down through the generations (as this one is from Chateau Rouge founder Sean's Mum) from a great auntie or nana somewhere as one of their "best" and most-treasured recipes...
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Chateau Rouge Teas top tips for making the best summer iced teas_glasses fruit and loose leaf teas on table

Five Easy Steps to Impressing your friends this summer with iced tea

June 16, 2017

Its summer and every tea lover across the globe are looking for that 'perfect iced tea recipe' that will not only impress their friends and make them famous. If you are looking to make a delightful jug of traditionally styled ice tea (using an orange pekoe black tea) to accompany a summer barbeque or indulge in during those long summer evenings, or after tennis or a round of golf, then there are a few things you may want to remember...

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Chateau Rouge Fine Foods_Best Easter chocolate cake recipe, Delicious pea soup made simply with fresh local ingredients

Our 3 Best Spring Recipes for Easter

April 03, 2017

Spring has sprung and the sunshine is here! Makes us think about the Easter break and fun family and food time ahead. So while most are still thinking about chocolate and Easter eggs (who wouldn't!), here’s some fun ideas for some tasty Easter recipes, making the most of those flavourful spring ingredients and some healthy indulgence...
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3 Best Recipes that will get you ready for Spring

3 Best Recipes that will get you ready for Spring

March 09, 2017

Spring is nearly here… You can almost feel it! Days are getting longer; evenings lighter; the chill in the air clearing. Spring brings a host of organic produce, just crying out for simple, wholesome recipes. Think free-range eggs, spring lamb, fresh asparagus. Here’s three of our very favourites, all adaptable and interchangeable with different combinations of the same ingredients. Just have fun!
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Chateau Rouge Fine Gourmet Foods UK_Best easy American pancakes recipes using blueberries, honey and raspberries

4 Best Pancakes Recipes from around the world made easy

February 27, 2017

Pancake Day does not only come around once a year – anytime is pancakes time and the perfect excuse for some flipping fun! We share some of our best easy to make pancake recipes for you to try at home the Chateau Rouge way… There are so many different ways to serve your pancakes, make it sweet for dessert with fruit jam or savoury with cheese. Time to experiment - try these recipes for some inspiration...
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Cook your way to a Happy Valentine’s Day with Chateau Rouge Fine Foods

Fun ways to Cook your way to a Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13, 2017 1 Comment

“If music be the food of love, play on…” Enjoy cooking these delicious recipes with the one you love, try them as a tasty treat on your own, or make these dishes for someone special this Valentine’s Day. Go on, you deserve it!
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