November 07, 2017

[Press Release – For immediate release – 7/11/2017]

Organic food and drink brand win gold for two of their most popular newly launched products

Chateau Rouge are delighted to announce their recent success at the prestigious Great Taste Awards 2017. The Great Taste Awards, described as the ‘Oscars’ of the foodie world, celebrates the very best in fine food and drink, with a panel comprised of 500 expert judges.

The Chateau Rouge brand have built a name for themselves as passionate providers of 100% organic food and drink - which not only provides customers with an array of fair trade, honestly-produced and wholesome food products -  but also present these products in stunning and distinctive packaging, to provide a feast for the eyes as well as for the taste buds.

Winning two Gold awards at the Great Taste Awards helps solidify the company’s reputation for superior quality. The two products for which they have received their awards are Chateau Rouge’s 1657 Artisanal Drinking Chocolate, inspired by 17th century Chocolate Houses, and made with 70% cocoa for a rich and distinctive taste, and the Chateau Rouge English Meadows Honey, sourced from the Cheshire countryside and made using only the finest English raw honey – for greater versatility, health benefits and a very long shelf life.

Despite their acclaim, Chateau Rouge maintain their roots as a small family business, working closely alongside suppliers and taking a hands-on approach to product development.

Seán Farrell - founder Chateau Rouge Fine Foods of London

Seán Farrell– Founder, Chateau Rouge Fine Foods London

Chateau Rogue founder Sean Farrell is delighted at the brand’s big win, and eager to share these award-winning products with their growing audience of devotees online. “We really get to know the unique history of our ingredients. We want to know where they come from, who produced each ingredient, and what makes it unique and special,” says Sean. “We maintain a real connection to the origins of our produce, and  believe this level of attention to detail is the secret of our success, both now and in the future.”

View the full list of Great Taste Awards winners here, or browse the Chateau Rouge Fine Foods range at the official website:

Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK_Gourmet Hot Chocolate Luxury Gift Tin

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About Chateau Rouge Fine Foods - London

Chateau Rouge started with a passion for exquisite tasting luxury organic food and drink products. We wanted to create a range of products that reflect our love for travel and high-quality authentic foods, combined with my other passion, great design! We want to create products that not only taste fantastic, but are beautifully packaged, sustainable, fair trade and fully traceable, honest, wholesome food products; each with a unique history of where it comes from, what makes it special, and guidance on how to enjoy it.

Details are important to us, we are involved in the whole process, working very closely with all our suppliers and hands-on in the development of all our products – driving passion to make things better every single day. We hope you enjoy this journey of exploration and discovery with us. Contact Us


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