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May 30, 2017

Honey  is lauded as a sweetener the world over, for everything from tea to baking. 

And while it is an incredible addition to any sweet dish, it is so much more than just a sweetener. 

This amazing product has been used since ancient times for myriad purposes, from medicine to hygiene to beauty. 

But why leave such amazing uses in the past? Here are seven ways you can use this amazing substance today to improve your body and health. 

Cough Suppressant

Remember the last time you (or worse, your child) had a cough you just couldn't get rid of?

It robs you of sleep and of daytime enjoyment and has the tendency to make the sufferer generally miserable. Honey to the rescue!

A recent study found that it is as effective as the over-the-counter cough medicine, dextramathoraphine, at calming a cough. 

That's right. The stuff bees make from flower pollen is just as good as modern cough medicine, even at nighttime, when coughing is at its worst. 

This study was on children in particular, which is good news since cold medicines aren't typically designed for children under the age of six. 

Then add that it is a great deal less expensive and more versatile than OTC cough medicine, and it is certainly worth a try the next time you or your child has a cold. 

Regulating blood sugar levels

This may seem counterproductive, since it is, after all, a sugar, and how can a sugar help regulate sugar levels?

In reality, though, the balance of fructose and glucose work together to form glycogen. This process removes the glucose from the equation, which then helps regulate and even lower blood sugar levels. 

It also has a lower Glycemic Index than normal table sugar, sometimes by up to half, making it a good choice for those who want a little something sweet while trying to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

Alleviate Allergies

If you are tormented by seasonal allergies during the spring and summer, you may benefit from a tablespoonful from your local beekeeper each day. 

It's important here that you are using honey from your local area, which has the added benefit of stimulating your local economy while alleviating your allergy symptoms. 

The basic idea is this: bees in your area are using pollen from the same flowers that are giving you allergy symptoms. 

When you ingest it, your body gets a small dose of your local pollen, slowly desensitizing you to its effects. 

This process is a bit slow and should begin as early in the allergy season as possible for best results. A tablespoon each day should just about do the trick, without the hassle of going to the doctor for an allergy shot. 

Treat Minor Injuries

That's right, you should keep a jar of honey with you at all times in case of injury

This substance has a few interesting properties that lend themselves well to first aid. 

Firstly, its particular blend of sugar interacts with water to inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the wound. 

Second, the process bees use also produces hydrogen peroxide, which is antibacterial but doesn't damage surrounding tissues. 

Third, it appears to stimulate the body's lymphocytic and phagocytic systems, which are crucial to the body's immune response and promote quicker healing. 

Boost Your Energy

Whether you are an overworked mother or a competitive athlete, everyone needs a bit of an energy boost now and again. 

Honey is a complex substance, made up of carbohydrates, antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acids. Together, all these elements combine to create a high-energy snack. 

And unlike coffee or other caffeine-laced beverages, honey releases its energy slowly as your body breaks it down, meaning your energy lasts without a sudden crash. 

It can also be incorporated into your late afternoon routine by mixing in yogurt or using it as a spread for toast, or even mixing in a quick tablespoon with some warm water or tea.

Add a handful of almonds, and you have a healthy, energy-boosting treat.

Moisturize Your Scalp With Honey

At the end of a long day, you may want nothing more than a nice relaxing shower. 

But if you're plagued by a dry, itchy scalp, you may dread that shower more than you should. 

Have no fear, honey can save the day here, as well. 

It is anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory, making it ideal for afflictions such as dandruff, that affect the scalp. 

No need to apply in a great dollop. Diluting a tablespoon in water and apply it directly to the scalp. Leave it in for a few hours, then rinse. Doing this every day will soon leave your scalp moisturized and free of itch. 

You can do this even if you don't suffer from dandruff, too. Your hair will be shiny and strong, and your scalp will fell amazing.

Moisturize Your Body 

Why stop at your scalp? Honey can be used to make all kinds of body moisturizers

Mixing it with olive oil creates a wonderful hair mask, and mixing it with rose and almond oil gives you a fabulous lotion for anywhere on your body. 

You can even use raw honey by itself directly on your face as a mask to give it a beautiful glow. Just slather it on, leave it for about fifteen minutes, and rinse!

Calm Acid Reflux

Most of us have been familiar with the pain of acid reflux at one point or another. 

Mixing a spoonful in water in place of an antacid may be able to calm your heartburn as well as help your esophagus heal. A welcome change from side-effect laden drugs from the store. 

Honey is a staple at the tea table, and for good reason. It's taste and light sweetening power are second to none. 

But with all its other amazing uses, there is no reason not to have a jar (or three!) in your kitchen all the time. 

Take a look at our wonderful collection of honey here.  

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