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The question everyone is asking – What are the top health benefits of drinking green tea?

The question everyone is asking – What are the top health benefits of drinking green tea?

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, tea trends are changing. The UK is moving away from being a nation of drinkers of plain old “builders” tea, towards being health conscious, green tea and matcha sippers. But what are the facts about green tea for health? Here’s our Top Five...

Green tea can help aid weight loss

Green tea contains polyphenols, phytochemicals that speed up the metabolism by increasing the rate at which the body can oxidise fat, thereby helping aid weight loss as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Green tea can also give you an energy boost from the caffeine content – although this caffeine is different to the kind you find in coffee and is digested differently, it can still help give you that extra boost to support your exercise regime and provide the “get up and go” needed when trying to lose weight or get into shape.

Green tea can improve digestion and lower blood sugar

When consumed after a meal, as has been the tradition in China and Japan for centuries, green tea can help lower blood sugar and can even help avoid those blood sugar spikes after sugary snacks. The soothing drink can help your digestion and is the ideal “digestif” to enjoy after food.

Green tea can support your immune system and circulatory system

The impressive concentration of powerful antioxidants in green tea can help support your immune system by protecting the body from all manner of external nasties. Flavonoids can help improve circulation, heart function and support the structure of the arteries. Recent studies have also shown that drinking green tea can help strengthen and support the body’s blood vessels, which can be a big help in unclogging arteries and improving heart and circulatory health.

Green tea also contains catechins, which combat inflammation in the body and help with absorption of vitamins and minerals. These are believed to help support the immune system in its fight against a wide range of inflammatory diseases and disorders, such as cold and flu viruses, tooth decay, and bacterial infections. Catechins are also known to have ant-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Other studies have shown a temporary drop in blood pressure from drinking green tea, which can be helpful for those with high blood pressure and heart problems.

Green tea can make your skin better

Those same powerful antioxidants found in green tea can help fight off wrinkles, skin sagging and a variety of other skin problems, by protecting the body from external pollutants and free radicals, which can age and damage the skin. This works both when green tea is ingested, with the anti-oxidants working from inside the body, but has also been found to be very effective when applied directly to the skin externally, in the form of creams, lotions and face masks.

Green tea can make you feel happier

Green tea contains the amino acid. L-theanine, which increases the “feel good” chemical in the body, dopamine, and essentially makes you feel happier. The tea has also been found to have a calming, mildly tranquilising effect. Nutrients in green tea, when combined with its caffeine content, can help improve alertness and concentration. Studies are taking place to see whether this can help improve brain function and help support against degenerative brain illness.

If you like to enjoy a good cup of green tea and are looking to make the most of its health benefits, we recommend trying some of the Chateau Rouge green teas:

  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls is a calming, soothing, drink – ideal for after a meal.
  • Butterfly Lovers combines the sweetness of dried fruits with the citrusy hit of bergamot and a blend of fine green teas.
  • White Monkey is a rare green tea with a naturally light, sweet taste, balanced with freshness and a sweet-smelling brew.

So, relax, put your kettle on, let the water cool a little (TIP: wait 2 minutes!), then pour yourself a comforting, healthy and beneficial cup of your favourite green tea. Enjoy!

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