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May 19, 2017 5 min read

Are you a gourmet coffee lover? Discover these unusual uses for coffee

The distinct flavour that gourmet coffee brings is not only a delight for your taste buds but it can also help you reduce cellulite and exfoliate skin, among many other things. 

If you aren't sure whether the coffee you're currently drinking is gourmet or not, you can simply read the label. There are two big categories of coffee: Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica is the type you should seek. However, not all Arabica coffee is gourmet coffee. One of the most popular types of gourmet coffee is Blue Mountain, which is made in Jamaica.

Sometimes brands write gourmet on the package for marketing purpose only. Look on the back of the coffee to find out if you're really drinking 100% Arabica or not.

Now that you know how to recognise gourmet coffee, we crafted a list of unusual uses that your favourite coffee might have. If you read our earlier blog out changing food trends with organic and sustainability, you'll fid this very useful. Read more here: Changing coffee culture trends.

1. Natural hair dye

If you're looking to change your hair color yet dislike the idea of using harsh chemicals on your hair, coffee might help.

Strong brewed coffee can darken your hair color a little bit while stimulating the blood circulation on your scalp. The coffee works by staining your hairs. The color comes off after just one wash, but regular use of coffee brings many benefits to your scalp.

You should not worry about dying your hair often with coffee. As a matter of fact, coffee is known to be used in many hair loss treatments.

2. An eco-friendly fertiliser

Are you looking for an organic, cheap fertilizer? Gourmet coffee can help! Don't throw away used coffee. Instead, sprinkle it near the roots of your favourite plants or veggies.

Since coffee is made out of coffee beans, the used coffee can be compared with the effects mulch has on the soil. Some types of mulch are made out of seeds, dried grass, and dead plants.

The used coffee will enrich the soil with nutrients and help your plants grow faster and healthier.

3. All natural skin exfoliant

Used coffee remains can be used to exfoliate your skin. It's really easy, all you need to do is mix the coffee remains with a tablespoon of tea tree oil and gently apply the mixture to your skin.

The coffee remains will accelerate your cell turnover by encouraging your skin to make new cells faster, while the tea tree oil has an anti-inflammatory effect on your skin.

If you have oily skin, after using the coffee skin exfoliant, dissolve a little bit of baking soda in warm water. Use the warm water to wash away the coffee skin exfoliant.

4. Fight cellulite with coffee 

Even though cellulite is often more caused by persons genetics, there are certain things you can do to help your body fight against it. Coffee scrubs can help with fat metabolism because they stimulate blood circulation.

You might feel your skin warming up a little, but only after you apply the scrub made out of used coffee. If you want to increase the effectiveness of a coffee scrub and stimulate blood circulation, use warm used coffee.

5. Keeps the cats away from your garden

Stray cats can cause a lot of damage in your garden by walking all over the plants or just using it as a litter box. Not to mention that they can be quite aggressive sometimes towards your pets.

Apparently, cats hate coffee - who would have guessed! Sprinkle a few used coffee grounds in your garden to keep them away.

6. Fights low blood pressure

While coffee is not recommended for those who suffer from hypertension, coffee can help you if you suffer from low blood pressure. 

If you feel dizzy when you wake up in the morning, or when you try to stretch to reach the higher shelf, you might be suffering from low blood pressure.

Coffee temporarily raises your blood pressure and helps by giving you that extra kick of energy in the morning.

Keep in mind that coffee alone is not a remedy for low blood pressure. It only raises your blood pressure levels temporarily.

7. Keep the ants away

If you have an ant problem, especially in the summer, you should know they hate coffee. Sprinkle a little bit of used coffee in the areas where you see ants coming and you will get rid of them in no time.

Coffee can be used directly on ant mounds too, just in larger amounts. Make sure you try the ground used coffee remains, not liquid.

8. Protect your brain from neurodegenerative diseases 

Perhaps you heard of nootropicsWhat you probably don't know is that coffee is the most used nootropic around the world.

Coffee seems to act as a stimulant for the brain. It keeps you alert, encourages the creation of new neurons and synapses and protects you from neurodegenerative diseases.

Unlike any other nootropics, coffee is the only one that doesn't have any side effects when used in moderation.

9. Helps you get rid of odours

If you want to get rid of your fridge's odour (that 'stale smell' often noticed with older fridges) but don't have the time to clean it right now, you can place a few tablespoons of gourmet coffee on a small plate and leave it inside the fridge - the coffee aromas will do the rest!

Did you know: the strong aroma of coffee will refresh and cover up the smell of spoiled milk.

10. Covers up scratches on your furniture

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is a big, ugly scratch on your furniture. If your furniture has a darker colour, you're in luck, as coffee can help.

The gourmet coffee, with its dark colour, will stain the scratch and hide the mark. Repeat the process multiple times until the scratch is coloured completely.

Final words on gourmet coffee

As we've gourmet coffee has many uses! The rich aroma doesn't only wake you up in the morning (and keep you going throughout the day). It can work as a natural nootropic, or it can help fertilise your favourite plants - talk about being a superfood!

If you would like to find out more about coffee and organic teas, don't hesitate to take a look at our blog. We also blog about gift guides, cake and chocolates, travel and healthy recipes.

If you're interested in buying 100% Arabica gourmet coffee, you can order it online in our store. And if you interested to find out more about what makes a good, bad or ugly coffee, discover more on our article: What makes a good gourmet coffee?

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