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The Best Organic Rooibos Tea in the World?

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The Best Organic Rooibos Tea in the World?

Having drunk more than our fair share of Rooibos over the last 40 years, we wanted to set out what sets our Rooibos apart and why all Rooibos teas are not made equal. Rooibos herbal tea is now more popular than ever!

It used to be available only in South Africa (like a best kept secret!) or at selected health food outlets in Europe and the USA. Times have changed, and increased demand coupled with years of decreased production due to drought, has meant that entire crops are now regularly all sold before they are even harvested! We had an issue in 2016, when with limited stock available we sold out and were out of stock for a few months - not ideal (and very frustrating!) but then again it is a commodity and like all crops we are at the hands off mother nature and good farmers! So we waited until the new harvest was ready from Wiedouw! So we wanted to explain what really sets a good Rooibos apart - why it's so much more than just another herbal tea and why all are not made equal...

Rooibos or redbush tea from South Africa is gaining such popularity that it might well rival gold and diamonds as one of South Africa’s biggest exports. So having looked at the market again the last few weeks and the number of new Rooibos tea products available, I thought this a good opportunity to take a look at what makes a good Rooibos a good Rooibos. First and foremost is the quality of the leaf – and yes, not all Rooibos teas is created equal and you do get what you pay for.

What you get with Chateau Rouge Rooibos is:

A truly single estate Rooibos. Our Wiedouw Rooibos is grown only on the Wiedouw farm in the Cape South Africa. It is not blended or mixed with any other farms Rooibos. The Chateau Rouge long-cut Rooibos leaves are cut to an extra long length. With the leaf being more than double the size of any ordinary Rooibos, like with whole leaf teas, you get a fuller flavour cup, and you can easily get multiple infusions off of the same leaves. A smaller cut leaf means the tea will infuse quicker, but it also means you get less from the leaf and will not stay as fresh as long and also means that the manufacturer can get away with other smaller pieces, notably twigs, also being cut up and included in the tea.

Not only is Wiedouw long-cut Rooibos singles estate but is also 100% organic, and has been certified organic since 1997 when this became viable under the new owner. The farm was created at inception to be organic, and not just converted to organic at a later stage. This means that the tea is as pure as you can get! Chateau Rouge works with the farm directly, importing the teas directly from South Africa. This not only ensures that your Rooibos is super fresh but is the best grade and quality available for the season. Being a single estate Rooibos, the estate and Chateau Rouge put their names to the products and have an interest to make sure that they are the best quality possible!


Wiedouw Rooibos is now also Rain Forest Alliance as well as fair-trade from 2013. From early 2017 Chateau Rouge has been working with WeForest.org to plant trees in Zambia from the proceeds of every product sold, pledging at least 1% of all sales towards environmental causes. Which means that Chateau Rouge Wiedouw long-cut Rooibos may well be the greenest Rooibos you can get! Anybody who has tried our Rooibos vs. teabags all conclude that the loose leaf tea tastes much better. No matter how hard you try you can’t avoid the taste of the teabags coming through when making a cup of Rooibos.

Rooibos may well be a well guarded kept secret within the tea industry - but it seems the  world has now caught on. Not only is CR's Wiedouw Rooibos unique as it is the only single estate Rooibos tea (or Redbush tea) sold in the UK, and a special long-cut leaf to ensure maximum flavour; but it is also possibly one of the healthiest herbal teas or tisanes you can drink today:

  • Rooibos is 100% naturally caffeine free. Unlike caffeine free black tea it has not gone through a process to remove the caffeine, there is none at all to begin with. Most herbal tea drinkers incorrectly assume that green tea has no caffeine. Even green tea has caffeine, albeit only a small amount in comparison.
  • Rooibos has no tannin. All other teas have tannin. Tannin interferes with absorption of iron into the bloodstream. Too much tannin in tea makes a bitter cup. For example, if you have ever drunk one of the commercially available black tea bag products in the UK, you will undoubtedly have discovered that it is too bitter to drink black. This is because the teas are high in tannin and need milk to neutralise the bitter taste. Rooibos tastes best if you just leave it stewing in a teapot, unlike other teas if you want a stronger cup, you can just leave the leaves sitting for as long as it takes - it will never go bitter!
  • Wiedouw is the officially the oldest, and one of only a few purely Organic Rooibos farms in the whole of South Africa. It has been certified Organic by the UK Soil Association - the  UK's leading food and farming charity and organic certification body created after the 2nd world war in 1946. Amazing to thing how long it has taken for the world to see the real benefits of a healthy, natural organic lifestyle for consumers and the environment
  • Rooibos is packed full of antioxidants. Recent research points that Rooibos may well contain more antioxidants than green tea. This research has been lead by independent labels in Japan and Europe which is very promising. It's very high in minerals including sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc; and is purported to assist with nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems.

TOP TIP: you can re-infuse the whole leaf rooibos multiple times, you literally keep on making cups of tea until you can't taste the flavour anymore - it will never go bitter! It's an investment that pays for itself over and over again, not to mention the fact that its truly enjoyable - tell that to your stock broker!

That’s it, Chateau Rouge Wiedouw Rooibos may still prove more valuable than gold and diamonds, well maybe not but at least you can get alott more enjoyment from a simple mug of tea and at a price that you can enjoy every single day.

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Paul Bulow
Paul Bulow

February 28, 2017

That for the quick education on Rooibos. I look forward to trying your tea.

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