June 18, 2018

Official: Tea and Coffee Lovers Winning World Cup TEAm

With the football World Cup in full swing, we have created our own TEAm to enjoy during the global tournament. With a tea (or coffee) in every position that is sure to enhance your viewing experience, we are confident our TEAm will go all the way in any World Cup of Teas.


Organic Breakfast Tea: The most critical position in the squad and requires a reliable player. Amongst CR line up, nothing is more reliable than the award-winning Organic Breakfast tea to fill this position. This full-bodied blend will not let you down and enjoyed any time of the day.


Right back: Rooibos - this organic herbal tea from South African is bursting with flare (and antioxidants) required in any full back player. Naturally caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed any time day or night.

Central Defence: Himalayan Expedition - A classy Nepalese organic black tea that is hand-rolled and produced in small batches. Adds solidity to any TEAm lineup.

Central Defence: Queen of Darjeeling - This speciality tea provides depth and class to our defensive lineup. Hailing from the famous Darjeeling tea growing region in India, this organic loose leaf black tea is known for its rich golden colour and rich flavour.

Left back: Honeybush - This caffein-free organic herbal tea from the Eastern Cape in South Africa is a cousin of Rooibos, but unlike Rooibos which grows on farms, this antioxidants filled tea grows in the wild. A solid choice for a left back that can be relied on any time (day or night).


Right Midfield: Peppermint & Honeybush organic herbal tea can be relied on night or day to provide an extra feel-good factor without the caffeine kick.

Central Midfield: Butterfly Lovers - For a creative midfielder to anchor the team, none is more suited than this organic green tea. Scented with bergamot oil and Seville oranges, it is sure to provide a green tea experience like none you have experienced before.

Central Midfield: Prince of Earl Grey - Continuing with creativity in our midfield this traditional afternoon English tea is delicately flavoured with cut vanilla pods and pure Italian bergamot oil. All tea lovers will appreciate its fragrant scent and citrusy taste.

Left Midfield: Midsummer Dream - This 100% organic fruit tea will provide something extra in our TEAm lineup. It can be enjoyed hot or iced, and its mix of dried summer fruits is what might be lacking in other TEAm lineups. The surprise of the tournament? Why not!


Barista Italian Blend - Strikers score goals, and we are confident this arabica bean blend will score with every cup. Roasted by our fifth generation family roaster in Italy, this medium roast delivers unique taste profiles that provide a lovely finish every time.

Classique Earl Grey - This award-winning organic black tea is a classic in every sense of the word. It can be relied on to deliver the perfect cup of tea every time it has a chance. A unique blend crafted from selected single estate handpicked large leaf Keemun, Darjeeling and Ceylon teas; and delicately flavoured with pure Calabrian bergamot oil. 


So who will you be supporting during the 31 days football feast and what will you be drinking? Drinks sorted, what about food ideas? We've found the definitive World Cup recipes to try on BBC Food. Enjoy, it only comes around every 4 years...

Chateau Rouge Football cake

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