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August 23, 2019 4 min read

Tips for Perfect Summer Picnic

The summer is finally here, and for the first time in a long time, the UK is blessed with scorching sunshine and glorious heat. So, what better time to have a picnic? Picnics are a perfect way of spending time with friends and loved ones and lets you all be a part of the great outdoors.

Still enjoyed by many today, picnics date back to the 19th century and were initially intimate family meetings or dates (we’ve all seen the romantic scenes from movies of a couple sitting by a lake enjoying a picnic!).

Over the years, picnics have grown in popularity and for many, are commonplace. A good picnic usually consists of a delightful picnic basket to house the goodies, sandwiches, refreshing drinks and tasty treats. Some picnics may even take the form of a BBQ and food can be enjoyed hot or cold…or both!

Where to Go for A Picnic?

Dining outdoor creates the ideal atmosphere for you and those you choose to picnic with. There are some incredible options that you can choose from when deciding where to go for a picnic near you.

Below are some inspirations that will help you choose the perfect picnic spot:

1. A Beautiful Waterfront

Lakesides or beach sides are ideal settings for picnics. The waterfront provides a captivating backdrop that lightens the mood and takes away the boredom of dining indoors. As a plus, you can also indulge in recreational activities such as boat riding, fishing, surfing, swimming, and so much more. Parks and Forests

2. Parks and forests are popular spots

Why? They offer plenty of space for large group meals and enough space for recreational activities and games. Parks and forests have sitting areas such as benches and tables where you can set up. Sitting underneath the trees and watching the wildlife and sun flicker through the leaves is a perfect way to enjoy a picnic.

3. Quirkier Locations

Parks and waterfronts are not always accessible to everyone. Instead, you may want to picnic somewhere a little quirkier such as a rooftop, in a city park, museum, balcony or even a local brewery (how cool!). There are multiple options available if you look close enough, especially if you want to have a picnic in the middle of the week, and the waterfront or lakeside is far away.

english picnic hamper

Best Food Picnic Ideas

Besides the picnic rugs and picnic baskets, you’ll need to think about the main event – the food! Prepping your picnic should be easy and quick – that’s the whole point after all. However, you must ensure that you pack enough for everyone and remember to consider the individual preferences of those in your group.

Drinks and refreshments may not be available readily wherever you choose to have your picnic, so ensure you take some along with you. The secret behind a successful summer picnic is the company you spend time with and of course, the content of the picnic basket.

Try not to pack too much food that will go to waste as the summer heat may cause the food to deteriorate quickly.

But what should you pack that will be a hit with everyone?

1. Salads

Pack a huge bowl of salad for everyone. Dress the salad as you prefer at home and cover it with clear cling foil to ensure that it remains fresh. Organic foods keep fresh longer. You could pack ice blocks alongside the salad to keep it cool and fresh.

2. Chilled Drinks

Chilled refreshments such as beers, wine, and juice for the kids or sodas are ideal for a hot summer afternoon. Again, ice packs or blocks are a great way of keeping cool drinks cold.

3. Important Supplies

Picnics are quite messy (if you are bringing kids along with you or you are hosting big gatherings). Pack napkins, wipes and bin bags. These will come in handy after the picnic is over. After all, you must lookout for the environment! Don’t forget the plastic cutlery and plates!

4. Sugar-free jam

Sugar-free jam is ideal picnic food. Jams are used as salad dressings. The low sugar content in certain jam ensures that you keep in check the sugar intake levels while enjoying a tasty sweet treat.

5. Cakes and biscuits

Cakes and chocolate biscuits do not easily deteriorate if stored well. Snacks are a good way to prevent everyone from getting peckish during a long summer afternoon before mealtime.

6. Iced Tea

Pack some chilled afternoon loose leaf tea or coffee in a thermos flask for the adults. Instead of sweetening the tea with sugar or artificial sweeteners, use honey for an added natural sweetness.

Top Picnic Tips: What to Bring and What to Leave at Home

Choosing the right packaging equipment ensures your food remains safe due to the hot temperatures. A cool box in good condition is handy for chilled food products. Pack plastics and enamel instead of glassware to minimize the risk of any breakages or accidents. If you do choose to take along a romantic bottle of wine or champagne, don’t forget the bottle opener!

Picnics are meant to be fun and exciting, but also easy. Therefore. pack only what you need – the essentials.

Pet-Friendly Picnic Ideas

Bringing your pet with you is a great way to include them in the fun and get them outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. Choose a setting that will allow your beloved pet to move around and exercise freely is essential. And remember to pack food for your pet as well as water to keep them hydrated in the sunshine.

A picnic is an amazing idea to while away a couple of hours with your loved ones. Packing the right items ensures that you have fun outdoors and create long-life memories.

The most important thing to do at a picnic is to relax and enjoy. Bon appetite!

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