August 02, 2017

It's school holidays again... while that can be stressful for most parents, there are some novel ways you can keep even the most active kids amused. An excellent way to keep your children entertained when you are looking for something new and different to do is by hosting their very own kiddies tea party.

Be it Disney princess themed, Superhero or even Ninja Turtles they will love it! And unlike traditional afternoon teas, that can be very formal at times; this is your chance to have as much fun as possible.

We looked at all the fun ways you can make your tea party one to remember. Here are a few of our best tips:

Choose a theme for your tea party

Selecting a theme for your tea party. Children love dressing up and making a unique theme makes it more fun as you can: dress up in costume, create your cakes and food around your theme, play games related to your chosen theme, or make the table setting to match. This is so much more fun and can then even repeat each week with an entirely different theme throughout the holidays.

Why not try any of these party themes:

  • Disney Descendants Movie
  • Superheroes
  • Princes and princes or knights and dragons
  • Lego characters
  • Minons
  • Dinosaurs

Tip: If you only have girls why not try have an 'old-fashioned grown-ups' tea party. They may well love the formal aspect of it all, and you can pretend to be a royal family...

Getting the right decorations for your party 

You can either buy everything - we recommend Kids Party Supplies as they have a wide selection of themed party supplies. Or why not make all you need. This is what we normally do as you can do this the day before and make a big event out of it. All children love arts and crafts and making your own themed decorations is so much more fun than simply buying them from Amazon.

Some ideas for making your own party decorations - children will love doing this:

  • Make your own placemats by taping 2 x A4 white paper card together and then decorating this depending on your party theme
  • Wrap painted strips of paper around cups or mugs to match your party theme
  • Make your own bunting decorations with paper and string
  • Why not decorate the edges of paper plates to match your theme

Ensure that you have all the ingredients to make our cakes

Good cakes and sandwiches are essential to your tea party! But rather than buying lots of high-sugar unhealthy snacks, we suggest you make your own homemade cakes. By getting children involved in making their cakes, you will find they will enjoy it more if they have done themselves - and complain a lot less! We suggest keeping it simple with basic fairy cakes and scones and then decorating them according to your theme. Change your colour icing, use a paper cupcake wrapper to match and add sugar decorations to the top (we love: Fancy Flours).

For healthy children's tea snacks try these:

  • Fresh cucumber and carrot sticks
  • Gluten-free oat biscuits with sugar-free jam or honey
  • Royal cucumber and organic cheese sandwiches
  • Why not serve scones in place of cupcakes? Scones have much less sugar in and only take 30 min to make. Our recipe for perfect quick and easy scones
Making the best childrens tea party with Chateau Rouge this summer holiday and homemade cup cakes

The best teas and healthy drinks for your tea party

We don't recommend caffeine for children, but there are so many herbal caffeine-free options for you to choose from, try any of these:

  • Rooibos tea tea, with milk and honey
  • Honeybush/peppermint tea
  • Cold Rooibos with fruit juice and prices of apple or any other summer fruit - a great caffeine-free summer iced-tea
  • Any fruit drink. Look for organic varieties with no flavouring to make sure there are no artificial sweeteners or additives that may cause hyperactivity in some children
  • Although we prefer to make our own drinks fresh, if you actually rush for time there are now some great new caffeine-free and sugar-free iced tea drinks available

Music for your tea party

Put a children's CD on; your music could include tea theme like “I’m a little teapot”, “tea and sympathy” or “Tea for two”. We even found some great tracks on YouTube! Make sure to put your phone or iPad out of reach, so they don't get too distracted watching the screen rather than enjoying the party!

Tea party games for children (and grownups!)

Every party should have some entertaining games for the children. And as a parent, I'm sure you know what your kids like to do, or not.

Here are some ideas that may help you come up with your own:

  • Musical chairs - make sure you leave enough space and no sharp corners, especially if the children are still small!
  • Pass the parcel - make this themed like your party. Depending on how old the children are you could maybe include a 'dare' or question with each layer
  • Word games. Make these tea related or linked to your theme?
  • Incorporate any other games you may have in the house

Most of all, ensure that you have lots of fun! The precious moments with your children pass far quicker than you realise, enjoy them while you still can! Enjoy your little tea parties and remember to take lots of photographs so you can remember them for years to come!

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