May 07, 2017

While the UK celebrated Mothering Sunday in March, the month of May seems to be the month of choice for other Mother’s Day celebrations around the world, with the American day to celebrate mothers shared by many countries, for what is now known as International Mother’s Day, on 14th May.

Here are our top three tips for International Mother’s Day gift ideas:

Gift baskets and Flowers

A beautiful gift basket is always a welcome surprise. There are several websites that offer gift baskets and Mother’s Day gifts that can be purchased and sent internationally, such as:

Luxury gourmet gift sets

Chateau Rouge offers some ready boxed gift sets combining tasty treats that will keep on giving. How about a gift set comprising a tin of the unique Butterfly Lovers fine, organic green tea, and a jar of organic, 100 percent fruit spread? This combination is just right to show that you care and the packaging reflects Springtime – and a day to honour mothers worldwide.

The organic fruit preserves are specially packaged and presented in a gift box for you to share your own message. You can combine the flavours that your mum will most enjoy – choose from:

  • Fig and walnut/peach & apricot jam
  • English Meadows honey & blackberry jam
  • Peach and apricot & blackberry jam
  • Fig and walnut & blackberry jam

You can also pair up organic jams with organic drinking chocolate – a winning combination that will surely sweeten Mum’s day!

Create your own gift?

For a unique gift idea, why not make up your own gift selection from the Chateau Rouge range? Try sending some luxury, organic tea, coffee, or hot chocolate in your gift basket, and some organic preserves and spreads. Or get the full range, so Mum can try them all!

We’d be happy to help If you have something specific in mind for your gift combination, or you can browse our gifts for her pages for inspiration.

Combining luxury, gourmet food and drink treats with some stunning flowers or pot plants is also something a bit different to send on International Mother’s Day. Interflora are all geared up for International Mother’s Day and allow you to send flowers and plants across the globe:

We’ve also spotted some beautiful blooms to send internationally

You could also make up special gift baskets of your own. Try combining some of the items above with a nice bottle of wine, perhaps with some luxury biscuits or chocolates, organic soaps and toiletries, or even your mum’s favourite bottle of perfume.

Save the date - Make sure you don't forget! 

There’s still time to find something special. Here’s a list of the different dates in May when mothers are celebrated across the globe. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, all around the world!

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