February 03, 2017

It's often really hard to comprehend how a small country like Ireland can drink more tea per person (per capita) than China. But it's true, not only that but looking back over the last 200 years there are some fascinating facts that help explain why, when and how Ireland secured the 3rd position in the world tea drinking ranking (behind Turkey and Morocco). See a summary table here: Wikipedia

Not only that, but looking back over the last 200 years there are some fascinating facts that go a long way to explaining how, why and when Ireland secured the 3rd position in the world rankings (behind Turkey and Morocco). And today drink more tea per capita than even England!

Some really interesting and fun facts. Reading them, we realise that perhaps not much has changed in over 150 years...

1894: the inspectors of lunatics (as they were titled) suggested that the high incidence of insanity in Ireland caused by the disproportionate amount of inferior tea being drunk. (Apparently then, as it still does today - it pays to drink good quality tea!)

1905: the Catholic bishop of Ross, Michael Kelly, lamented the labouring classes were drinking too much tea and white bread rather than oatmeal, milk and wholewheat bread (aka a healthy diet!)

1920's: a toothpaste manufacturer warned that tea time was teeth staining time. (Mmmm...)

See some of the fun facts on The Irish Times website.

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