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Give something a bit different this Easter

Give something a bit different this Easter

Easter is on its way – why not get something different as gifts this year? Chateau Rouge has come up with some gift ideas that should stand out from all the chocolate eggs – or at least complement all the chocolate!

Jam and tea – a match made in Heaven

It’s hard to beat the combination of a good cup of tea and some tasty, fruity jam or smooth, silky honey on toast.

The tea and jam lovers at Chateau Rouge have combined their most popular teas with their best-selling organic jams and spreads in carefully chosen gift sets – perfect for the tea lover and foodie in your life.

Choose from the following combinations:

The tea and jams or honey have been selected to match up complementary flavours and combine on the palate. There’s something to suit every taste and style of tea, whether green, black or white tea.

Pump up the jam for Easter!

One for you, one for me…

If you like organic preserves, and would like to treat yourself as well as your loved one this Easter, you might be interested in the jam and honey gift sets. Available in combinations of:

  • Fig & walnut and peach & apricot jams;
  • Honey and blackberry jam;
  • Peach & Apricot and Blackberry jams;
  • Fig & Walnut and Blackberry jams

Time for some proper chocolate

How about a truly luxury hot chocolate instead of a run of the mill chocolate egg?

If you don’t fancy the same old last-minute dash for a chocolate egg from the local supermarket, why not think outside the box and get some top-quality drinking chocolate instead? Chateau Rouge sells two top-notch drinking chocolate blends, both made with 70 percent cocoa: The 1657 Artisanal Drinking Chocolate, with its rich, velvety combination of dark chocolate and vanilla; and the Maya Oro Blend No. 3, inspired by the Aztecs and containing a warming mix of spices, such as chilli and cinnamon.

You can even match up your drinking chocolate to some organic fruit jam in a special gift set, which will complement the intense flavours of the drinking chocolate perfectly. There are gift sets available pairing up the 1657 Artisanal Drinking Chocolate with either the blackberry or peach & apricot organic fruit jams. 

Café culture

If you’re not a fan of tea or hot chocolate, a cup of coffee, perhaps?

The Chateau Rouge Barista Italian Blend is a smooth, medium-roast coffee blend made of 100 percent Arabica beans from six single origin estates in Central America, Brazil, India and Ethiopia. Slow roasted and blended by a fifth-generation Italian family business, this coffee blend makes the ideal espresso and adds a rich, almost chocolatey finesse to your morning latté or cappuccino. It also goes really well with chocolate – both dark and milk chocolate varieties – so you might even like to try some with that obligatory chocolate egg!

🐰 Fun quick read: the history of the humble Easter egg

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. We hope you enjoy a fun and restful time with family and friends – and perhaps some chocolate?

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