July 31, 2018

Why should you drink loose leaf tea?

For those of us who love tea, this is a fantastic time to be alive! From indulging in the traditions of tea-straining to the simplicity of a tea bag, the ancient art of tea-drinking provides ample opportunities to customise the experience – and the taste – to suit your unique preferences. In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the reasons why loose-leaf tea might be right for you…

What is loose leaf tea?

Simply put, loose leaf is tea without the fuss (and processing) of adapting the delicious leaves into a tea bag format. Steeping a cup of loose leaf tea allows the leaves to expand, and for the water to flow by extracting all the goodness, aroma and taste which is stored in your tea of choice.

The heavy processing of tea bags loses much of this, limiting the infusion to only the size of the tea bag itself.

The art of the switch – how to change from tea bags to loose-leaf

Making a nice cup of tea is one of life’s simple pleasures for millions every day. While many of us opt for a tea bag, the convenience of this method is by no means the only way to get your tea fix! The popularity of loose leaf tea is on the rise, but why?

Devotees talk a great deal about the health benefits of switching to loose leaf over tea bags, and there is some real truth to many of these assertions, as we’ll explore a little later in this blog. Yet the first thing to consider is the actual ritual of tea-making itself.

If you’re used to simply boiling the kettle and popping a tea bag in a mug, then the idea of dealing with tea leaves and tea strainers before you’ve had your first cuppa of the day might seem like a lot of bother.

Yet there’s something soothing and relaxing about switching to a more deliberate, mindful way of tea-drinking – and savouring the added flavour of each cup is certainly worth waiting for.

Real cost-benefit of loose leaf tea

A big barrier preventing people from switching to loose leaf is often the perceived higher cost of loose leaf over tea bags, yet tea bags themselves are frequently a false economy.

A carton of high-quality loose leaf tea has much more staying power than a box of tea bags – allowing you to eek out the flavour for a lot longer at a fraction of the price! Loose leaf also offers a much broader range of tastes as the tea hasn’t been standardised for the mass market.

Finding a loose leaf tea you genuinely love is sure to take you on a journey of tea-exploration, but it won’t break the bank. Making a healthier choice with loose leaf tea It’s not only cost reduction, variety and taste which are drawing more and more tea drinkers to loose leaf; there’s also the possibility to switch to a healthier alternative than tea bags.

fluoride tea levels in cheap UK tea bags

Tea is packed with health-boosting antioxidants

Larger leaves make for more healthy attributes, so opting for loose leaf invariably provides a healthier cup. Freshness is another area where loose leaf tea wins the overall competition, as the ingredients in tea bags are often months (or even years) past optimum strength.

The best tea should be enjoyed within the first six-to-eight months after harvesting, and there’s a much stronger chance of this with loose leaf. Whether helping to prevent a whole host of cancers, lowering your blood pressure or helping with weight loss, loose leaf tea – from green through to earl grey – provides a tasty way of keeping you healthy.

The best loose-leaf teas on the market

So, you’ve decided to give drinking organic loose-leaf tea a go; but how do you choose the very best? At Chateau Rouge, we have sourced some of the finest teas from around the globe for you to try. We’re trusted retailers with over 15 years experience importing teas, meaning you can be assured of premium quality and taste no matter which type of loose leaf you opt for.

Our organic English Breakfast tea is quite literally award-winning, scooping the Great Taste Award for its smoothness, carefully crafted using a blend of Assam tea and large leaf Ceylon with a delicate dash of Rwandan tea for good measure. If you’re in the mood for something a little different, then the Wiedouw Rooibos organic herbal tea blend might be just the ticket.

Naturally caffeine-free and produced on a single farm in South Africa, the dark-red Rooibos is handpicked and sun-cured for optimum freshness. Other great options include a delicious mug of loose leaf Earl Grey with a French vanilla twist, or a cup of Peppermint loose leaf tea, ideal as an after-dinner treat.

As with all loose leaf teas, these are best enjoyed the traditional way, taking your time and using a loose leaf tea strainer and loose leaf tea infuser to help bring the flavour to the fore. What’s your favourite loose leaf tea? Let us know in the comments below!

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