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Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Everyone

Yes, it can be good fun to get a little tipsy and enjoy a boozy cocktail (or two!), but if you’re trying to cut back on the alcohol or are completely teetotal and want some tasty alternatives to old classics, we’ve put together a list of some delicious hangover-free drinks that everyone can enjoy.

If you’re having a party or even just some friends around, it’s usually good conduct to get in a few beers or bottles of fizz (depending on who's coming over). But a great host should always remember to provide non-alcoholic options as well. From family-friendly punches that everyone can drink to mocktails and virgin cocktails, we’ve got it all.

Booze-Free Punch Bowls

If you are planning on entertaining a large group of people, there’s no easier way to provide drinks for all that by making a big delicious punch bowl. A big bowl of punch ensures everyone has a drink and allows them to help themselves. Punches are the secret to stress-free entertaining, and we’ve never met one we didn’t like.

While you may be hosting an alcohol-free event, it’s only polite to cater for those who do drink as well. Your options are to invite them to bring their own booze (also known as BYOB). Alternatively, you could buy a selection of miniature (think aeroplane sized) bottles of spirits for them to add to a fruit punch or to some mixer.

Punch Bowl Inspiration

Orange Slushy Punch – This concoction is refreshingly sweet with a tart, citrus twist. It’s a big-batch drink that takes a little prep time, but it will need to be frozen overnight to give it the slushy deliciousness it’s known for. While it will need about 12 hours to freeze, it’s well worth the wait!

Pineapple Sherbet Punch - If you thought sherbet was just a delicious sweetie from your childhood, think again. It can be a delightful tropical drink that can keep up to 24 people refreshed and happy. For that fun Caribbean twist, think about serving it with little cocktail umbrellas.

Sparkly Pear Punch - We’re all about small tricks that make a big impression, and using whole slices of pear can do just that. Use a mandolin slicer to cut your pear and mix with fizzy lemonade or sparkling water for a refreshing summer kick.

Alcohol-Free Sangria – Nothing quite says holiday in the sun like a sangria. So, if you don’t drink alcohol and want something similar, this one is totally unique. Instead of using wine, replace it with an alcohol-free wine or apple juice and garnish with pear, orange and even star fruit if you can get your hands on it.

green tea cocktail recipes

Top Drink Tips

A party isn't really a party without a drink in hand. However, water is just too dull for a party and coke is massively overdone. Instead, there should also be an alcohol-free option for those who would instead not consume it. If you don’t fancy serving up mocktails or punchbowls at your next alcohol-free event, there are many other tasty beverages you can offer.

Alcohol-free beer is getting better in terms of tasty and as a result, more popularly. Available in most bars and supermarkets, alcohol-free beer is a fizzy alternative to something stronger. In addition, alcohol-free wine is also growing in popularity. No matter what alcohol-free drink you choose to serve at your own party or take to someone’s summer BBQ or event, there are a few top tips you must follow…

Prepare Your Drinks Properly

For drinks that feature fruit, it’s essential to factor in time to prepare the beverage on the day of the event. This prevents the fruit from going soggy and also ensures it keeps its vibrant colour and flavour.

If you’re short of time and preparations need to be done in advance, you can prepare the drink but leave the fruit until the day of the event. Alternatively, keeping the fruit in a clear fizzy liquid such as Sprite or lemon-lime soda will help to retain the colour. This will also keep the fruit’s flavour sweet which can be a delicious addition to any drink.

Make Non-Alcoholic an Option

Even if it’s only you that is avoiding alcohol or one gust, it’s important to provide at least one nice non-alcoholic drink that everyone can enjoy if they choose to avoid alcohol. Alternatively, you can provide a drink that’s easy to add alcohol too for those who prefer something a little stronger.

Just because a drink doesn’t have alcohol in it, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Non-alcoholic drinks can adorn as many accessories as alcoholic ones. It’s easy to garnish drinks – think about sprigs of mint, zesty pieces of fruit or even little decorative stirrers.

What’s Your Favourite Tipple?

When it comes to making mocktails or coming up with inventive ideas of alcohol-free beverages, it can be really fun to get creative. There’s so much you can do with many alcohol-free options out there nowadays.

Easy Alcohol-Free Drinks for Any Event

Alcohol-Free Mojito

Ingredients required - 1 tablespoon of sugar, a small bunch of mint, three juiced limes and soda water.

How to make - mix the sugar with leaves from the mint using a pestle and mortar. A small bowl and the end of a rolling pin or blunt object will also work. Put a handful of crushed ice into a tall glass and pour the lime juice into the glass with the mint mix. Add a straw and mix and top up with soda water. Enjoy!

Gin Free G&T

Ingredients required - five cardamom pods, half a cucumber, one chamomile tea bag, half bunch of mint leaves, one strip of lemon zest, five cloves, and half a bunch of rosemary, tonic water and ice.

How to make - bruise your cardamom seeds and slice the cucumber into chunks or slices. Mix them into a jug and add a chamomile organic tea bag, mint leaves, lemon zest, cloves and rosemary. Top up with 500ml of cold water. Leave in the fridge to infuse for up to four hours. When serving, strain the infused water and pour 50ml of it into glasses. Top up with tonic water and lots of ice for a refreshing drink.

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