September 22, 2018

How to make the perfect loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea is rapidly growing in popularity as an alternative to tea bags, and for a nation of tea lovers like Britain, it’s understandable this trend should have already taken hold. However, preparing a great cup of loose leaf takes a little more work than the convenience and immediacy of tea bags…here’s how to get it right, first time around.

The modern-day tea party –impress your friends with loose leaf tea

Entertaining at home can be great fun, and there’s something extraordinary about taking the time to make friends and family a delicious cup of tea. If you feel like really impressing, ditch the tea bags in favour of loose leaf next time you issue those invites! Why not organise a right tea-party and show people how easy it is to make loose leaf tea themselves?

Which loose leaf tea should I choose?

Thanks to the number of new tea brands online, there’s a whole world of tea variety at your fingertips. From loose leaf green tea to loose leaf decaf tea or rooibos loose leaf tea, peppermint loose leaf tea or loose leaf earl grey – each of these delicious flavours is now readily available to buy online. Choosing the right one for you comes down to a few key factors, including:

  • Your own tea preferences
  • Tea preferences of your intended tea-drinker (friends, visitors)
  • Whether you feel like experimenting with new flavour profiles

It might take a little while to find the perfect loose leaf tea for you, but whether opting for a straightforward loose leaf or going organic, check for freshness and trustworthiness of your supplier to ensure the tastiest cup and best value for money. Popular tea varieties range from black tea to green tea and everything in-between, now available in loose leaf varieties to give you much more to choose from when you next pop the kettle on.

Organic VS regular loose leaf tea – which is better?

Choosing loose leaf tea in general makes for a healthier cup, but without doubt, opting for an organic loose leaf tea helps to maximise on these benefits. Loose leaf teas are able to circulate in a way which leads to a more flavourful cup, but choosing organic teas provide additional benefits for your health thanks to being packed with natural antioxidants in higher concentration than non-organic varieties.

organic earl grey tea

Prince of Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tin

earl grey loose leaf tea

Organic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

Why is loose-leaf tea extra special?

There are plenty of reasons why dedicated tea drinkers are increasingly turning to loose leaf. Not only is the process of making a delicious loose leaf tea something to be savoured, but the resulting taste and flavour lend an additional sense of specialness sure to appeal. Whether you’re making tea for yourself or treating someone special, there’s a certain sense of luxury which goes along with choosing loose leaf tea, and thanks to the variety on offer and the possibilities for more flavour per cup, it’s the cost-effective choice, too.

Making a great cup of loose leaf tea 

The amount of tea to use varies depending on how many people you’re making tea for, and the method you’re using. One scoop or teaspoon per cup should be sufficient per person, and the process you use may vary drastically depending on your own personal preferences. Some people prefer to use a loose leaf tea strainer, pouring the tea through when serving in cups or mugs to avoid any of the tea leaves making their way to the cup. Others prefer to leave them intact, particularly in the case of some of the more beautiful and elaborate teas available.

To make a great cup of loose leaf tea, simply:

  1. Boil your kettle, and while it boils get your teapot (or mugs if pouring directly) ready for use.
  2. Add your tea leaves to the pot, using a teaspoon for a single serving.
  3. Pour your boiling water over the leaves, filling the teapot.
  4. Allow the tea to stand for a few minutes. The length of time you brew will vary depending on your personal taste and experimentation.
  5. Once ready, pour into cups – either through a tea strainer or directly.

How do I store loose leaf tea?

Not only is loose leaf tea a little extra special, but it also needs some extra TLC when it comes to storage. To maintain flavour and texture, follow these simple steps:

  • Keep your tea away from sources of moisture, heat and light
  • Store in a dark, dry, cool location
  • Keep different flavoured teas separate to avoid flavour ‘bleed.’

You might want to purchase a tin or non-plastic container or opt for a brand of loose leaf tea which comes with its own tin to simplify the process. As an added bonus, many of these tins are also stunning to look at, meaning you can double up on storage and decoration.

Best loose leaf accessories

loose leaf teapot

Loose Leaf Glass Teapot

loose tea infuser

Swissgold - Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

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