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September 13, 2018 5 min read

Finding the Best Gourmet Coffee Gift Sets

No matter the occasion, finding the right coffee gifts ideas is always challenging. For coffee-lovers, there are many fantastic options on the market, ranging from the inexpensive to the more elaborate. In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the most popular coffee-based gifts, to help you find the right one for you…

Gourmet coffee Gift Sets

Buying a coffee gift hamper or taster set is a great way to impress the most enthusiastic coffee fan. As with many other coffee-based gifts, emphasise quality and taste. If you know your recipient has a favourite coffee blend, this would be a great time to seek out a set which ties in with this specific brand or style of roasted coffee beans. Alternatively, you can also create your own coffee gift set or a taster set with some different kinds – mixing and matching products in a decorative packaging of your choice.



Convenient and simple, no fuss.

Can be dressed-up for added ‘specialness’.

Packaging can be damaged if posting.

Check specifications of a gift set with care before purchase.

Coffee Gift Card

A simple gift, but a classic! Coffee gift cards to places such as Costa and Starbucks have been around for quite a while – but are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who enjoys popping into their local coffee shop. To ensure you get the right coffee gift card, look at what it will actually be offering the recipient. Will they get just one coffee with the card or several? Is it an ongoing coffee subscription or a once-off gift? Are there any additional perks to purchasing this card? Crucially, is the store you’ve chosen one of your recipient’s favourite places to drink coffee?



Simple and flexible way to give a coffee-based gift.

Gives the recipient a chance to indulge at their favourite coffee shop.

Could be considered overly simple, depending on the occasion. Check the specifics of your gift card and what it will provide the recipient.

coffee bean gifts

Coffee Bean Gifts

Irish Coffee Gift Set

An Irish Coffee Gift Set provides the opportunity to give something a little extra-special and is ideal for genuinely wowing your recipient. If the set is damaged in transit or just doesn’t suit your needs, you want to be sure you can return it, fuss-free. Many Irish Coffee Gift Sets come with all the trimmings needed to make a delicious Irish Coffee, including coffee, whisky and chocolate – but the presentation is vital. This is one gift where the packaging is likely to play an integral part in your decision-making!



Ideal for special occasions and providing something with a little out of the ordinary. Particularly suitable for seasonal holidays such as Christmas.

Alcohol content means this is not appropriate to gift to teetotal recipients.

Can have less actual coffee in the gift set that may be desirable.

Coffee Subscription Service

Having freshly roasted coffee regularly delivered to the front door will be a dream for most devoted coffee fans or espresso lover, but just like every other coffee gift on this list, you need to check the terms of your sale very carefully. How long is the subscription for, and what does it include? Check for reviews from prior customers to ensure there is no drop in quality over the lifetime of the subscription, or this wonderful gift could ultimately become lacklustre after a few months.



An enduring gift with a set time-span, providing reminders of your thoughtfulness long after the original gifting.

The cons of choosing a coffee subscription service include difficulties in finding a service which is reliable and one which caters to the unique needs and tastes of your recipient.

coffee beans gifts

Chateau Rouge Coffee Beans Gifts Sets

Roasted Coffee Beans

A simple and straightforward gift for the true coffee connoisseur, buying coffee beans is a great way to show both your knowledge of coffee and emphasise the recipient’s coffee know-how at the same time. For this gift to work, it’s best to seek out the highest-quality coffee beans you can find.

Think in terms of fair-trade and organic as a minimum standard; adding in an extra quirk or novelty such as a prestigious region of origin for the beans themselves, or a particularly well-respected manufacturer, are ways to take this gift to the very next level. Or for the most devout coffee lover (with their own roasting machine) you can buy a selection of green beans!



Compact and luxurious (as long as a suitably ‘high-end’ coffee has been chosen)!

If set includes a coffee grinder, this adds extra lustre to the gift.

Must ensure packaging is as impressive as the coffee stored within, so this gift has the high-impact desired.

Ground Coffee

Gifting your recipient ground coffee is another way of keeping it simple, but as with the gift of coffee beans, the real impact is in the details. Presentation and quality are essential, as of course are checking the taste of the coffee is something the recipients are likely to enjoy. Buying a well presented luxury coffee tin is an excellent idea - most department stores stock these or can be found online or on Amazon websites.

Carefully assess the flavour profile of your chosen ground coffee, as well as choosing between different consistencies such as coarse ground and smoother varieties. Consider how the recipient likes to drink their coffee; are they a fan of cold-brewing (which is best achieved with coarse-ground coffee) or do they brew their coffee hot?

To round off a ground coffee gift set you may add a convenient single mug coffee filter to your gift, such as the Swissgold reusable coffee cup filter, which can double as a stylish travel drip coffee filter.

Lastly, if they use coffee pods you could always look for a Nespresso gift hamper. Or one of the many other new pods brands that are Nespresso compatible.



Similar to coffee beans, opt for quality packaging as well as the product itself, to ensure the product makes a big impact.

No need for a coffee grinder.

Could be damaged in transit if sending via post.

Some people prefer coffee beans over pre-ground coffee.

Quirky coffee gifts

While buying a funny coffee gift set may not be the ideal present for a coffee snob, almost everyone except the most ardent 'tea only drinkers' would appreciate it. Practically all food gifting sections in supermarkets, garden centres or any other traditional gift shop would stock a variety of funny printed mug plus a coffee. For example - the perfect Dad's coffee or gardeners wake up with fresh coffee. The options are endless, and you can easily make your own cost-effectively, with regular supermarket coffee and a funny printed mug.



Easy to get and cost-effective.

A thoughtful gift and always fun.

Coffee snobs maybe not like the coffee.

Quality not always the best.

Choosing the right coffee lover gifts

Selecting the right coffee gift takes time and dedication, paying close attention to the recipient and the occasion. Popular options include not only coffee gift boxes and gift sets but also the likes of coffee-based gift baskets and coffee mug sets. At Chateau Rouge, we sell a range of speciality and gourmet coffee bean gifts, ideal for any real coffee lover.

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September 15, 2018

Good tips, especially the one mug coffee filter as part of a gift set.

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