November 02, 2017

We all have those friends that like to think of themselves as a bit of a foodie. Someone who enjoys sampling a variety of foods and feels that there is nothing better than heading to a first-class restaurant for dinner.

So, with this in mind, it makes perfect sense to try and find a food themed Christmas gift for them. But where do you start? Here at Chateau Rouge, we have put together some of the very best Christmas food gifts that make for the ideal foodie Christmas gift. No matter what their own particular taste is!

A gift cheese box

Who doesn’t love a bit of cheese? Particularly during Christmas Eve or between Christmas and New Year. This means that a cheese box is going to make the ideal food gift. Not only is it tasty but it is perfect for those that love nothing more than enjoying a delicious snack too. There are a variety of different cheese boxes and hampers out there for you to choose from!

You can easily purchase a ready-made gift box from supermarkets delis or local gourmet food shop, or we suggest you make your own. Make your special homemade Christmas food gift hamper: buy a wooden cheeseboard, cheese knife and selection of cheese (some of which come in lovely containers you can keep) and present in a wicker basket with a beautiful tea towel. Don't forget the luxury cheese crackers - there are even some delicious gluten-free or vegetarian options available from some new artisan brands.

Jam gift sets

When you think of jam, the then chances are that you don’t always think of gift sets. But, jams can make an excellent gift for a foodie. There are so many different options available, from traditional homemade to organic fruit spreads, old-fashioned English jams, fancy French confiture and other varieties available online or from the main Food Halls. What we however recommend is not being too 'extravagant' but instead get a particular version of what you always have but with a slight variation.

So for example, if the person who you looking for a gift for loves old-fashioned marmalade, why not try 100% clementine jam from Corsica. Or if the love strawberry jam - then why not try a new recipe with strawberry mixed with another fruit. The presentation is crucial as you want to make sure is not just jam but something beautiful looking that feels really special. If you love baking to make sure it includes apricot jams and lemon curd too.

Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK_Organic food gift sets

Tea gift sets

We all enjoy a nice cup of tea, which means that one of the most perfect gifts for a foodie has to be a tea gift set. You can choose from unique and luxury drinks that come from around the world. You can also select teas from a little closer to home too: breakfast tea or earl grey. It really depends on what type of tea you're nearest and dearest like the best! Looking for something unique - why not try a loose leaf tea and teapot gift?

Speciality tea or coffee subscription

Know someone who loves tea or coffee? Why not get them a subscription. You can possibly pay for the first month or two, and then they can decide to continue or cancel. A monthly loose tea or freshly roasted coffee subscription is a good idea as you can generally sample some different varieties, tasting different specialities or single origins before choosing your favourites. It's also a fantastic way to not commit to something until you've at least tried it first. You can typically cancel anytime, which makes this a perfect for someone you know likes tea or coffee but if you're not entirely sure which varieties they want.

Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK_Gourmet Coffee Beans_Barista Italian

Fine Food hampers

If you are not sure what type of food is your foodie friends favourite, then why not buy them a food hamper that contains a variety of different foods and drink. These baskets usually include something for everyone and will be a much loved Christmas gift for any foodie.

Not just food - kitchen accessories

When it comes to buying a gift for a foodie, you are not stuck with just buying them food. If they also enjoy cooking food as much as they enjoy eating it, then why not buy them a new tool for their kitchen? There are so many different options to think about including chopping boards, stylish aprons and even a posh casserole dish or two!


It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for excellent food gifts, jam gift sets, food hampers or perhaps luxury gourmet foods. Thanks to the variety of food-themed Christmas gifts out there, you are sure to put a smile on the face of even the most disconcerting foodie pal of yours.


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