October 11, 2018

Honey Uses for Health and Beauty

Honey is one of the natural world’s most important and celebrated beauty secrets, with benefits which have been known for centuries. However, it’s only recently that the full picture of honey’s marvellous skincare and haircare properties have genuinely started to make headlines – and thanks to the accessibility of this wonder ingredient, it’s ideal for giving DIY beauty treatments a try.

Honey’s Health Benefits

The benefits of including honey in your diet are almost limitless, and the same goes for your beauty routine. Honey can help fight against many common skin complaints as well as helping fight against illness and diseases such as cancer, with pure its proving particularly beneficial. Whether you want to turbo-charge your beauty rituals without breaking the bank or just prefer to avoid expensive, pre-packaged alternatives, here are our top picks for how to use honey in your beauty regime…

Whip up a honey face mask

Honey face masks are essential if you want to give your skin a treat. Thanks to the simplicity of this beauty trick, it’s accessible to everyone – and yet you’ll definitely feel well and truly pampered. Honey helps keep your skin moisturised and leaves it soft and smooth, as well as providing anti-oxidant qualities which can protect against the damage of UV rays. To get the best effect, opt for darker honey or super-powerful manuka honey.

DIY Honey Face Mask:

  • Before applying the honey, be sure to thoroughly cleanse your face with warm water, removing all make-up and cosmetics.
  • Pat skin dry and apply your chosen honey directly to your face – there’s no need to mix it with other ingredients. You may find it useful to lie down, so the honey doesn’t run everywhere, and be sure to keep a towel handy to catch any excess!
  • Leave for 25-30 minutes for maximum effects. After this time, gently remove with a cloth, and splash your face with water to remove the remnants. Finish with a moisturiser to keep skin soft. Voila, smooth, nourished skin.

Indulge skin with a honey exfoliator

Honey can be used not only to help pamper the face but as a face and body exfoliator. Ideal for ridding yourself of dead skin cells, removing bacteria and restoring brightness to your skin tone, this simple exfoliating recipe will leave your skin looking replenished and feeling fantastic.

DIY Honey Exfoliator:

  • To make this scrub, you’ll need two additional ingredients – 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, and a dash of lemon juice ( ½ to 1 lemon will suffice), alongside a spoonful of honey. Adjust the quantities to suit depending on the quantity of exfoliator required, but be careful not to add too much astringent lemon.
  • Mix the ingredients in a bowl, stirring until the mix becomes thick and smooth.
  • Apply to skin in a circular motion. If using on the face, carefully avoiding eyes. Leave for around 5 minutes for optimum effect, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water for brighter, nourished skin.

Battle scar tissue

A benefit many people may not know about when it comes to honey while is its incredible properties for battling against scar tissue. It is best to use local raw honey for this, so it retains much of its superpower.

Manuka honey, with its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, is also great for fresher scars and wounds. As a natural moisturiser, honey can help your skin regenerate and stop the excess collagen production which causes unsightly scars to form.

Scar Prevention:

  • Ensure you have the purest natural honey you can find, and take a small teaspoon full.
  • Apply the honey to the scar you want to treat and rub thoroughly for around 5-10 minutes.
  • Leave the area for approximately one hour, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Treat troublesome acne

Honey can be used to treat acne by either ingesting it or applying topically. If you don’t feel like using honey itself, there are various products on the market which help fight acne by using honey as one of its major ingredients.

The reason why honey works so well for treating problem skin comes down to it’s many antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Honey is also a natural antiseptic, helping to sooth and kill bacteria which contributes to skin complaints.

It can also help to control sebum production on the skin, locking in moisture while leaving skin beautifully hydrated. If you choose to use honey topically, then give our honey face mask a try – only use organic raw honey as processed alternatives could lead to further skin problems.

Soak in a honey-infused bath

Given how marvellous honey is for the skin, it’s no wonder more, and more people are discovering it makes for quite a wonderful bath soak, too! There’s something unmistakably luxurious about bathing, and using this fantastic ingredient will leave skin completely nourished.

Honey Bath Soak:

  • Measure approximately one tablespoon of honey.
  • Add to a mixing bowl with a little warm water.
  • Mix together until smooth. Add this mixture to your bath while the tap is running. Bathe for your usual time – the honey will drain away alongside the rest of the water.

Nourish cuticles

There are many things which can damage cuticles, particularly during the colder months. Thankfully honey’s fantastically softening properties will help soothe and restore condition, with superb moisturising properties. Beeswax is one of the best natural moisturisers there is, and there are also many milk and honey varieties of cuticle saving products on the market.

Create an effective hair conditioner

Is it any wonder, so many commercial hair shampoos and conditioners use honey in their formulas? The conditioning power of honey goes far beyond benefits just for skin – and can help to preserve the moisture balance in your hair to prevent breakages and increase shine.

When your hair is feeling dry and damaged, give it a little extra TLC with our fantastic home recipe which combines honey and olive oil for great-feeling, healthy hair.

Combat chapped skin with honey lip balm

Lip balm can be a real lifesaver, preventing chapped lips all year round. Yet there’s no need to rush out and buy a lip balm – a fantastic home-made variety can be crafted using this simple recipe.

Make Natural Honey Lip Balm

For this recipe, you will need half a teaspoon of raw honey, and three teaspoons of coconut oil. Add a dash of sweet almond oil to add extra conditioning! You will also need a container or lip balm tube – small tins work brilliantly for storing this mixture.

  • Melt the coconut oil and honey together, adding the almond oil towards the end of the melting process.
  • Pour the mixture into your container.
  • Let the lip balm set – try placing somewhere cold like the fridge – and soon you’ll have your very own lip-saver ready to use!


As you can see, there’s no need to be intimidated by making your own beauty products – honey makes it quick and simple. Just make sure you always use the best, freshest high-quality ingredients - it makes everything much easier!

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