February 08, 2017

There are a few defining moments in ones life that help determine the course it eventually takes, and for us reading the famous novel by Jules Gabriel Verne: Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours - Around the World in Eighty Days, was one of those that truly inspires us to create Chateau Rouge.

Legend has it that when Verne was only 11 years old, he secretly got a job as a cabin boy on board a ship en route to the Indies. He wanted to bring back a coral necklace for his cousin Caroline - this was before the internet! The ship first stopped at Paimboeuf, where his father arrived just in time to catch his son and make him promise to travel "only in his imagination".

It is not known for certain if this the legend is a fantastic tale invented by Verne's first biographer, his niece Marguerite Allotte de la Füye, though a real incident may have inspired it. It seems that marketing then as today still thrives on big stories and sensational headlines.

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