January 02, 2018

Here at Chateau Rouge, we’re always keen to introduce you to the latest and greatest taste experiences, sharing our enthusiasm for fine foods. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the health-boosting benefits of loose leaf tea, ideal for putting a spring into your step as you begin the new year. Tea is enjoyed around the world – so here are ten top reasons to pop the kettle on...

It’s a Natural Detoxifier

Many of us start the new year with a wide range of health goals, but some of the more rigorous detox programmes can have a damaging effect on our bodies and long-term health. A simple switch such as adding more tea into our diets is a way of getting healthy without putting our bodies under undue stress and strain.

Great for Your Heart

A number of sources have suggested a link between tea drinking and heart health. As well as staving off heart attacks and strokes, devoted tea drinkers in search of a new start can also look forward to improved circulation, while the flavonoids found in white tea help to unclog arteries and reduce both blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Just 2-3 cups of black tea a day can also help to protect against degenerative cardiovascular diseases. Not bad for this unassuming beverage!

A Handy Aid to Weight Loss

Give that January diet a kick start with the aid of a nice cup of tea! There’s strong evidence to suggest that a cup or two of green tea a day can speed up your metabolism, getting your fat burning abilities into gear. This, in turn, helps improve your chances of shifting the pounds once and for all. In addition to green tea, the same effect can be found in green tea’s powdered counterpart, matcha tea.

Promotes a Healthy Smile

Seeking a way to avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist? Tea could be just the ticket. Research from Japan has found tea can help to decrease the risk of tooth loss, as well as actively preventing cavities before they have a chance to develop. Whilst black tea can stain your teeth if you’re not careful, unlike many other tasty drinks, no tea has been found to erode tooth enamel – helping to keep your teeth healthier for longer.

Helps Ease Digestion

For those struggling with stomach conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, tea can provide some much-needed respite. Opting for a herbal tea such as chamomile, with its antispasmodic properties, can also help to prevent digestive problems from developing – all without the need for a prescription.

Chateau Rouge Fine Gourmet Foods UK_Reasons to drink organic loose leaf tea drinks

Tea Strengthens Bones

In studies of post-menopausal women, tea has been found to help alleviate the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, keeping bones stronger and healthier for longer. The risk of osteoporosis can also be lessened, particularly when drinking black tea. Another great excuse to put the kettle on.

Lowers Diabetes Risk

As further proof that all varieties of tea can help to positively impact your health, black tea also has the chance to lessen your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A new study published in the British Medical Journal suggests a significant link between tea drinking and this decreased risk – and though further trials are required to prove the veracity of these claims, it’s still a great reason to dig out some black tea and make a fresh cup.

In addition, tea can help diabetes sufferers manage their condition by increasing insulin sensitivity. For best results, tea is to be enjoyed without milk as just 5g of milk in a mug of tea, has been shown to reduce the insulin-potentiating activity by one-third.

Can Provide Natural Sunscreen

It’s more important than ever before to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. In addition to slathering on the sunscreen, there’s evidence to suggest that green tea can help to protect skin from ultraviolet light – making it superb natural sun protection. Just don’t forget not to rely entirely on tea for your UVA/UVB protection…

A Great Exercise Helper

There’s great news for helping improve your stamina, this year and beyond - you're never too old! Green tea extract not only turbocharges the body’s ability to burn fat but also causes greater muscle endurance – ensuring you can reach your fitness goals faster by simply swigging a few cups of this delicious and healthy drink a day.

An Antioxidant-Rich Drink

Studies show that having one cup of tea a day can give your health a big boost. Health-supporting antioxidants are found in an array of different tea varieties, meaning you get to experiment with different flavours until you find an antioxidant-charged treat which suits your taste.

Clean-tasting green tea, black, white and red tea all have highly concentrated levels of antioxidant properties. These can help to stave off a wide range of cancers – and whilst of course, simply drinking tea is not going to completely eradicate your cancer risk, there are plenty of studies which have proven it can be a handy helper in the battle to keep your body healthy.

Getting the Most from Tea

The health benefits of many varieties of tea make this delicious drink a superb addition to your healthy goals this year. Whether you want to detox for greater energy and improved health, or simply find new ways to burn calories fast, then reaching for green, black or white tea over unhealthy alternatives will see you well on your way to a happier, healthier you over the next twelve months.

For the best chance of giving your health a boost with tea, be sure to:

  • Drink plenty of healthy beverages (such as tea!) to help keep your body hydrated.
  • Adopt a healthy, sustainable exercise regime and diet suited to your daily life.
  • Search for teas which help you with specific health goals.

January is normally the month where many of us start to reassess our health and fitness, following plenty of indulgence at Christmas. But you don't need to wait till then to make changes in your life, start today! f you’re looking for a way to make healthy changes without pushing your body to the limit, tea could provide the perfect answer.

Chateau Rouge Fine Gourmet Foods UK_Reasons to drink loose organic tea to get fit and healthy

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Osman Zaki
Osman Zaki

January 02, 2018

Good tips to help with the detoxing in January!

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