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Chateau Rouge Luxury Gourmet Coffee and cake in Richmond England on the river Thames UK

How England Embraced Coffee Shop Culture {Old and New}

March 18, 2018

Much has been written about England's long love affair with tea, and its rich history spanning centuries of British culture engrained in tradition. Yet coffee is often forgotten amid all this talk of tea, despite its impressive presence in Britain for as long as tea has. Speciality coffee shops are now a mainstay of British towns and cities – everything from a giant chain like Starbucks to a small boutique venue serving every kind of exotic coffee imaginable. Coffee is back!

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Luxury brunch with eggs Benedict and organic black tea in teapot_Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK

Delicious brunch recipes to make at home this Sunday

March 11, 2018

Far from being a new fashionable trend, enjoyed by foodies in the world's best cities and popularised by TV programs. Going for brunch on Sundays dates back to late 1800's. Lots may have changed since, but our love for great quality fine foods, freshly roasted gourmet coffee, good quality speciality loose leaf teas have not. We're obsessed with good food and created a gourmet food company as a result, but we are definitely not alone in our newfound love for all things brunch...
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How to Make Proper Tea: The British Way

How to Make Proper Tea: The British Way

March 07, 2018

Tea is 'very serious' business for the average Englishman. In a country where everyone has an opinion on how to create the perfect brew, which differs depending on where you come from in the UK, some might say this rigidity in tea drinking etiquette, is a little...eccentric! Most would agree with the old Chinese proverb that “a day without tea is a day without joy”. So whether opting for an afternoon tea, a regular tea break or a trendy organic English breakfast tea, tea is everywhere you look in Britain.

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Chateau Rouge Fine Foods Gourmet Blog_luxury teacups_What every tea drinker should know about Earl Grey

What every tea drinker should know about Earl Grey

February 25, 2018

Ever since its creation in the 1800's no other quintessential English tea has been recognised worldwide for it's 'Englishness' and served at luxury afternoon teas. With its distinctive citrus flavour, Earl Grey tea is much lighter than it's sister English Breakfast tea, which generally has stronger tasting black teas from Assam or Africa. But how much do you really know about this classic? What are the health benefits (or side effects) and how to drink it?
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Natural pure organic english loose leaf breakfast black tea gift tins by Chateau Rouge Fine Foods London

What is English Breakfast Tea? Everything You Need to Know

February 18, 2018

Officially the most consumed drink in England (and many other countries worldwide) and the way most of us start our day at home with our favourite morning brew of organic breakfast tea. But what really is an official 'English breakfast tea', if the perfect or definitive blend even exists? How should you drink yours and what time of the day should you be switching on the kettle? Why are some teas much more expensive than others?
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Coffee cup on table_Learn the real facts and odd myths about Caffeine by Chateau Rouge Fine Foods

Real facts (and myths) about Caffeine in Tea and Coffee

February 11, 2018

Whether you are having your habitual morning breakfast tea, sipping on your afternoon organic green tea, or enjoying a cup of coffee at your favourite local made from 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans from central America... you are consuming caffeine! You may be asking: what the real facts are about caffeine, and how can you better understand the real effect on your health?
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The best gourmet coffee beans for Italian espresso from Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK

When in Rome: Exploring the best of Italian Coffee Culture

February 04, 2018

Most of us aren't able to start the day without our favourite caffeine fix! We all know Italians love their coffee, but how much do any of us truly know about the origins of this famous ‘coffee culture? Is coffee drinking more an art or a science? Why have espresso and pure Arabica beans become so famous in Italy? Learn how to enjoy (and order) a coffee like a real local in Rome…

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Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK_How to give the best luxury gourmet chocolate gifts for Valentines

How to give the best chocolate treat for Valentines

January 28, 2018

Indulgent chocolate boxes, heart-shaped chocolate treats or gourmet hot chocolates - to name but a few luxurious cocoa creations. For hundreds of years, chocolate has been an indispensable symbol of Love on Valentines Day for romantics around the world.
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All you need to make quick and easy pancake recipes from scratch organic ingredients_Chateau Rouge Fine Gourmet Foods

All you ever wanted to know about Pancake day

January 21, 2018

Pancake Day is becoming more popular every year, particularly with the rise of social media - more pictures of pancakes, best recipes or creations made with everything from chocolate spread, to organic fruit jam or honey - are being shared than ever! Much like the other Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter, the day is now celebrated by all faiths and religions, purely in the spirit of fun and sharing.
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Chateau Rouge Fine Gourmet Foods UK_Reasons to drink loose organic tea

10 Reasons to Enjoy Organic Tea in 2018

January 02, 2018 1 Comment

We’re always enthusiastic to introduce you to the newest and greatest taste experiences from around the world, sharing our enthusiasm for gourmet and fine foods. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the health benefits of organic tea, ideal for putting a spring into your step as you begin the new year. Tea is appreciated around the world – so here are our ten top reasons to pop the kettle on in 2018...
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Chateau Rouge Fine Foods UK_5 Questions everyone asks about Speciality Tea

Six Questions everyone asks about Speciality Tea

December 23, 2017

Through serving plenty of tea samples, running numerous demonstration workshops with having the opportunity to meet hundreds tea and coffee lovers alike; we thought it would be good to highlight some of the primary questions asked about tea. For some years speciality, loose leaf teas popularity has been increasing and a whole tea ‘re-education’ underway...
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Chateau Rouge Fine Gourmet Foods UK_The types of Tea - Origin, Cultivation and Plantations for organic loose leaf tea in India

Discover the Tea growing regions of India

December 17, 2017

India is the world’s second largest tea producer (after China) but makes the most black tea. From Darjeeling to Assam, Nilgiri to Sikkim - this is indeed a treasure trove for all tea lovers around the globe. With so many different locations and varieties to choose from, what are the different organic tea varieties and production regions in India? Which are India’s most famous teas, and what stories do they have to tell?
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