Formosa Pouchong

Taiwan is renowned for its semi-fermented teas: Oolongs and even more lightly fermented Pouchongs ('green Oolongs'). Formosa (name given by Portuguese explorers to the island meaning 'beautiful') Pouchong, is slightly less oxidized than other oolongs and has the lightness and freshness of an unfermented green tea but is sweeter and more fragrant.

  • Contains: 55g Loose Leaf Tea
  • Ingredients: Green Oolong Tea
  • Origin: Taipei county, Taiwan
  • Taste: Lingering smooth with hints of ripe fruit and subtle smooth refreshingly astringency
    • Infuse for 2-3 minutes in water well below boiling (70-85°C), and hotter for each succesive infusion

    • The champagne of green teas, this is a complicated tea to produce - care should be taken to make sure the water is not too hot or the leaves are infused for too long. Treat the tea well with each infusions and you will be surprised at what it gives you back, using hotter water and longer infusions with each successive pot of tea.

      The island of Taiwan was formerly called Formosa, Portuguese for ‘beautiful’, and its teas are still identified by that name. Oolong tea was brought to Taiwan in the 19th century by immigrant tea farmers from the Chinese province of Fujian, where it originated. In trying to reproduce their native Oolong, they created teas that were even more delicious, thanks to Taiwan’s ideal soil and climate conditions. Today fragrant, high-mountain Formosa Oolongs – of which Formosa Pouchong is a highly celebrated variety – are acknowledged as amongst the finest in the world.

      Review by the Tea ExplorerThis tea has a refreshing, delicate and sweet flavour that I highly recommend you try.

    • Comes packed in our distinctive airtight Chateau Rouge tins. Keep your tea fresh; reseal tin after use and store in a cool dry place away from strong aromas. All packaging is recyclable and labels printed on FSC approved paper.

    Collections: Loose Leaf Tea, Oolong Tea

    Origin: Taiwan

    Type: Oolong Tea

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