Golden Monk

A rare hand rolled large leaf black tea from the Jun Chiyabari Tea garden in eastern Nepal. A small exclusive boutique organic tea garden, famous for their special clonal orthodox teas. A distinctive black tea that is arguably one of the best in the world. A must have for any tea connoisseur!

  • Contains: 50g Loose Leaf Tea
  • Ingredients: Hand Rolled Organic Black Tea
  • Origin: Eastern Nepal, Jun Chiyabari Tea garden
  • Taste: Scent of mountain honey and ripe summer fruits with a fresh litchis medley


    • This Darjeeling styled rich oolong is made entirely by hand from only the tenderest summer and autumnal leaves, producing long, twisted dark brown spicy fragrant leaves with golden tips.

    • The Teas from Nepal have gained worldwide recognition in recent years thanks to young innovative tea makers who have been quick to capitise on the regions ideal climate and soil conditions. The area’s high altitude, moist climate, mineral rich soils and young bushes create a delightful brew. This rare hand rolled black tea is probably one of the best examples of new and innovative teas to come from the region that are amongst the very best in the world.

      Special 'secet' production methods and a passion for producing the best teas in the world, have resulted in a rare Darjeeling styled oolong thats arguably amongst the finest in the world. Recently certfied organic these teas have been grown and produced in the most eco-friendly methods, resulting in a fresh honest cup that is abundently rich in flavour.

      "Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent." - Dalai Lama

    • Comes packed in our distinctive airtight Chateau Rouge tins. Keep your tea fresh; reseal tin after use and store in a cool dry place away from strong aromas. All packaging is recyclable and labels printed on FSC approved paper.

    Collections: Black Tea, Loose Leaf Tea

    Origin: Nepal

    Type: Black Tea

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